I know I've said it many times and people that know us in "real-life" know how true this is but Nolan is a cleaning FREAK. Is it going to turn into OCD? Today I took him out front while Kaleb took a nap so we could kick around his "giggaball" or bouncy ball, which we did for about 10 minutes. Then Nolan decided he was done and had to go inside, I was scratching my head. The kid talks about being outside and walking and playing with his ball a million times a day. Plus...I didn't want to go in yet. It was nice and sunny and I could get some very minor tanning on! We get inside and I lock the door behind me and he has a melt down. Screaming. Crying. Then saying words I don't understand. He ran away to get something and came back with the damn BROOM! Ah! He carries a broom or vacuum all around the house with him. So now he has to go outside and sweep..."my sweep my sweep". Grr. We go outside and right away he starts sweeping the dirt in the plant beds...uh not having it. Then he sweeps my grass and then some mulch. At the end of the cleaning spree the outside of the house looked worse than when we came outside in the first place.

 But seriously, what is it with the cleaning? Have I somehow ruined him for life and he is destined to be a neat freak for the rest of his life? Our house is not clean or tidy and we don't obsessively walk around with cleaning items to try to make it cleaner. At what point do I become worried? I mean the kid literally wakes up in the middle of his sleep to get his vacuum and vacuum the halls. Seriously?

 What's he doing? Not so sure...

                                                            See the child and a broom through the bars? 

Mad at me for something I'm sure :)  

Such a hard worker. 

My faves in my yard. 


Coffee Bath

So this morning after our wonderful neurosurgery visit (really how many times can you say that) I decided I would go to Lane Bryant and get some clothes since I had two gift cards there...with both of the boys. I'm not sure if I just have memory loss after the last shopping trip with them or if I'm just completely nieve to think they will actually behave for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Maybe both...

Nolan had a large chocolate milk with him that wasn't in a sippy cup, this a regular twist top. Surely my child wouldn't use the milk in any way other than to drink it, right? Wrong.

Right before I checked out I looked at Nolan and he had poured some in his cup holder and was splashing in it. There was chocolate milk all over the floor. I was the only customer in there so I did the only logical thing, I walked away with the stroller and pretended I had no idea how the mess on their floor happened.

Worse still, as I'm checking out, I notice that Nolan has now started to use the leftover milk that he poured in his cup holder to "clean" Kaleb's feet with. So clearly I looked away and pretended not to notice. I just wanted to get out of the store in one piece.

A few minutes pass and the store manager comes up to me and tells me, "Your son is bathing the baby in coffee". Coffee?! I look over and Nolan is now washing Kaleb's hair in chocolate milk. So clearly I correct the situation and tell her that it's not coffee, just chocolate milk and continue my check out process (no I didn't correct Nolan...what was I going to do? scream? put him in his seat he's already sitting in for time out?...nope...sometimes my best answer is to ignore!). Then the lady hands me a paper towel. That's nice and all but I do have wipes and I will break out those bad boys when I get to the car. Because what is my main goal? TO GET OUT OF THE STORE. So I use the paper towel, soak up the rest of the milk in the cup holder and Nolan fa-lips out. And now there are people shopping in the store and they are starring at me. I'm mortified, one of my kids is screaming at the top of his lungs and the other is just hanging out with chocolate milk all over him and his hair sticking straight up.

As I walk out of the store I see the manager pick up the paper towels and mop and begins to clean the floor. Oopsie.

Hopefully next time I have the bright idea to go anywhere with the kids I will refer back to this post, more than likely I won't though.



I'm really just posting this for myself so I can remember these small little moments years from now.

Nolan has some of the best manners I have ever seen in a two year old. Seriously. Your manners are amazing Nolan. You say the following; please (or pweeeese), thank you, bless you, and excuse me. The excuse me one is the newest we've been working on since you finally recognize when people burp or unfortunately in our home...fart.

This morning Nolan was by himself in the living room and I was in the kitchen and he burped. He followed the burp with "scuse me". So stinkin' adorable.

And now you're giving your Mickey some medicine out of Kaleb's empty syringe. Such a good big brother that watches his little brother get daily medications. Nolan I can't explain in words how much I love you. Thank you for being so wonderful, loving, kind, caring, and fun. We have our rough moments but mostly we have so much fun. We also just danced to the music that Kaleb's bear, Scout, plays. You love dancing!


Dear Nolan

(I wrote this yesterday but wasn't able to post it)

Today you have been eating everything in this house. I'm pretty sure we just bought food the other day (you also threw in some extras in the cart when I wasn't looking...and have already eaten those as well). You must be going through a growth spurt. You wanted a chocolate cup after dinner and I told you not until I put baby to bed. You went over to baby who was finishing his bottle, asked him if he was finished and then put the bottle on the table. You then tried to unbuckle him and if you could have you probably would have taken him to bed. You even went into his bedroom and turned on his lullabies for him. You really are a very sweet older brother.

Now that I'm writing this and we are sitting on the couch together watching Despicable Me for the eight thousandth time, I remember I never gave you that chocolate cup and you've forgotten. I guess when you get older I owe you a chocolate cup.



One of THOSE Days

So I woke up crying this morning. I feel like a terrible mother sometimes, today especially. I think sometimes I wake up realizing that today is going to be the same as yesterday, as far as Kaleb and his development goes. I love my baby with everything in me but as expected it's hard. All of this wasn't supposed to be easy and I don't pretend it is. It's hard to have a 1 year old who can't crawl, walk, talk. He had amazing development around 6 months and then it all declined. I remember at his 6 month developmental assessment I was super excited to tell all of those people asking the long questions about his development that he was doing all of the things he was supposed to be doing. Like...hah...I proved you wrong!

On a typical day we all sit on the floor and just play with toys. We do go to the park and shopping and other fun things so it's not like I make my kids sit on the floor for 8 hours at a time, nothing like that. Kaleb is very needy and high maintenance, truthfully I think he knows exactly what he wants and does everything in his power to get it. The only thing he wants at all times is mommy or daddy. Which is really great and sweet and does so much for me but at the same time there is no growth in that. He does not get better with us away. Most children will cry for a few minutes and then stop. Not Kaleb. Kaleb will literally cry to the point of not being able to breathe.

It's very hard to do anything around the house or even go to the bathroom. In case you're a mom and haven't gone to the bathroom with a kid in your arms the entire times...I have...and it's nearly impossible! And when I absolutely have to get up to do something I feel terrible. Sometimes it's hard knowing this is our life for right now. Maybe I could do some laundry if he could crawl or move around to make sure I'm still around...I'm not sure but it would be nice to find out.

Enough of this bitching. I'm going to go enjoy my kids, on this big blanket we have on the floor. I'm also going to go watch several more episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey...and probably have someone bite my toes (he's been scooting after them for a while now). I really do love my life...I am so thankful for everything I have. There's no where else I would rather be. I guess just like any other mother I want the best for my children and to see one not progressing "normally" {i hate that word} then it hurts me and I feel helpless!

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Why Hello Monday

I very rarely talk about two things, weight issues and religion issues. So lets change all of that today.

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I've been messing with Medifast off and on for some time now. I haven't taken it seriously to be honest with you. But I bet if I write this stuff on my blog that will keep me accountable. Right? Well lets hope because that's what I'm trying.

Of course like everyone else I decided January 1st would be my first day. I'm pretty sure within in a day or two I had already done some major cheating. For the most part I would have the lean part of the "lean and green" and mostly kept up with eating my 5 Medifast meals during the day. After lots of cheating I decided this morning I would weigh myself...just for the heck of it. And to my surprise I had lost....9 POUNDS!

Wth? That wasn't supposed to happen...well that would be the obvious outcome if I had not cheated, but I cheated a lot. So, that 9 pounds is my motivation. If I can lose that much without really even trying...imagine what will happen when I do try :)

As far as religion goes...I haven't really practiced any for a long time. But, my friend and I talked a couple of weeks ago and both wanted to try to go to church together and see if we could find a great place to go. We searched online (until 2am) and finally found one. The next morning, we got up and went to church .We heard great things about this nondenominational church, GREAT things. The services was even better. We instantly felt like it was the place for us. So now we attend the 6pm service and I take the kids (they have a nursery and "Toddler Town". We always meet some really great people.

I'm not a type of person to talk about religion or God..Jesus...etc. I also don't really talk about crazy things that happen because of faith or religion or what have you. BUT...last night a crazy thing happened. Kaleb is on a prescription formula due to his milk protein allergy. It is very expensive and normally insurance pays for it. However, our insurance does not pay for it. We were given free cases of this formula when one of my dear friends lost her 2 year old son who was on it. (ohh sweet Caleb...you are so loved). She gave me the rest of his formula and it has lasted us MONTHS. We only have a few cases left so we've been researching the cheapest way to get it. Last night when I went to pick the kids up from the church's nursery a lady came up to me and asked if Kaleb was indeed on this formula and I said yes. She said that she just weaned her daughter off of it and has about 18 cases left over which they got for free from their insurance and she wanted me to have it. She had seen the can on the counter after I left the children there. She is actually the children's minister director...something or other and super sweet.

I know this might not be that amazing to most people but to put it into perspective, if we bought the amount of cases they are giving us we would spend close to $1200. Probably more with shipping costs. That's a LOT of money.

Obviously we wouldn't be getting this awesome amount of formula had I not been at church. ;)



...he just did it again.

please pray.

Please pray...

...for my toddler. He is driving me absolutely insane today. That's fine if you portray yourself and your family to be perfect and have no issues, but this family...this family has issues! :) Lets pretend your toddler is perfect...hell you can't even pretend that. I don't think there is any perfect toddler.

Nolan has been throwing heavy items at our dog all morning (nothing new) and rammed his ikea chair into him when he was backed into a wall. So I have sequestered our dog to the master bedroom with a gate so he can't get out and therefore can't get hurt. It's actually been a more peaceful past 20 minutes until I told Nolan that we needed to get clothes for him picked out for today so we could go bye-bye. I said this as I was on my laptop researching items for Kaleb's birthday party. Nolan came up to me, pushed the power button, shut the screen on my hand and said "something something bye-bye". I said we weren't going bye-bye right then so he lifted my screen back up and pushed the power back up.

Thank goodness for this toddler nothing was lost when said laptop was turned off abruptly.

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Christmas 2011 {Picture Drop}

Okay so maybe I'm a week late to post our Christmas photos...sue me. It's impossible to do anything on the computer when home with two munchkins that crave every second of your attention. 

For Christmas we went to my mom's house in Tampa, my grandparents and uncle came over. It was really nice and the kids got WAY too many presents but they had fun. 

Once we brought our presents they spilled over to the outside room. 

Opening his V-tec from Oma (my mother-in law) 
He was so excited because it was like one of our phones or iPad

We got Kaleb the elephant that shoots out balls. It looked like a great
idea in the store. But within 10 minutes of opening it we knew this would be the most annoying present
of the year. Nolan loves this very loud toy and in the end we have balls thrown everywhere. 

Ahhhh, Nolan opening his plasma car from Oma. I had never heard of one
before this. 

Nolan getting the wheels ready to put on. 

This picture is severely out of focus but I love it. I promise the car
is not on Kaleb...just looks like it. The boys being boys! 

First ride!

He loves it! 

Kaleb playing with one of Nolan's games from Oma. 

touch screen! 

Nolan wanted to "sleep"...it lasted for about 4 seconds. 

Mimi got a calendar full of hot firefighters...Nolan was so excited for her! 

Sorry for the TERRIBLE picture but I think it shows how much fun the hot guy calendar
really was. Nolan held it up so I could take a picture of it. 


monkey slippers! 

getting upset

Such a great Christmas with great family and my boys! 
Can't wait until next Christmas (but definitely need the time to recoup)


Happy New Year

It's finally 2012. Yes, I've been waiting for this. The past year has been the most difficult year thus far and I know great things are coming in 2012.

There are so many things I want to do in 2012 and I finally feel like we can do those things. Kaleb is doing really well and I have accepted my new life with him and the many changes he has brought. Nolan is talking up a storm and brings so much joy to me on a daily basis. I'm starting off a new year being a stay at home mom, it's challenging but I love spending my days with my boys.

2012 Bucket List
1. lose weight (my medifast journey begins tomorrow...or today...as soon as I'm finished with my wine)
2. forgive my dad
3. go to the annual SOFT conference in St. Louis...my first!
4. raise awareness for Trisomy 9
5. become more organized
6. go back to Marco Island
7. go to Disney World (and be part of the Trisomy float)
8. couponing couponing couponing
9. volunteer and get Nolan involved
10. cook from scratch more
11. go on more dates with the hubby
12. bake more
13. spend New Years Eve in downtown Orlando with limo transportation
14. spend more time with friends
15. get my eyes checked (glasses)
16. follow the family rules posted on our living room wall
17. read more
18. do more crafts
19. go to the beach more often
20. cuddle more
21. not be so hard on myself about my house always being clean and in order
22. register to vote
23. teach the kids sign language
24. watch the past two seasons of Dexter to catch up
25. go to church regularly

So it's 1am and I can't think of anymore so I'm going to end it now...I can always add to it as we go through the year right?

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