Dear Nolan

(I wrote this yesterday but wasn't able to post it)

Today you have been eating everything in this house. I'm pretty sure we just bought food the other day (you also threw in some extras in the cart when I wasn't looking...and have already eaten those as well). You must be going through a growth spurt. You wanted a chocolate cup after dinner and I told you not until I put baby to bed. You went over to baby who was finishing his bottle, asked him if he was finished and then put the bottle on the table. You then tried to unbuckle him and if you could have you probably would have taken him to bed. You even went into his bedroom and turned on his lullabies for him. You really are a very sweet older brother.

Now that I'm writing this and we are sitting on the couch together watching Despicable Me for the eight thousandth time, I remember I never gave you that chocolate cup and you've forgotten. I guess when you get older I owe you a chocolate cup.


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