Christmas 2011 {Picture Drop}

Okay so maybe I'm a week late to post our Christmas photos...sue me. It's impossible to do anything on the computer when home with two munchkins that crave every second of your attention. 

For Christmas we went to my mom's house in Tampa, my grandparents and uncle came over. It was really nice and the kids got WAY too many presents but they had fun. 

Once we brought our presents they spilled over to the outside room. 

Opening his V-tec from Oma (my mother-in law) 
He was so excited because it was like one of our phones or iPad

We got Kaleb the elephant that shoots out balls. It looked like a great
idea in the store. But within 10 minutes of opening it we knew this would be the most annoying present
of the year. Nolan loves this very loud toy and in the end we have balls thrown everywhere. 

Ahhhh, Nolan opening his plasma car from Oma. I had never heard of one
before this. 

Nolan getting the wheels ready to put on. 

This picture is severely out of focus but I love it. I promise the car
is not on Kaleb...just looks like it. The boys being boys! 

First ride!

He loves it! 

Kaleb playing with one of Nolan's games from Oma. 

touch screen! 

Nolan wanted to "sleep"...it lasted for about 4 seconds. 

Mimi got a calendar full of hot firefighters...Nolan was so excited for her! 

Sorry for the TERRIBLE picture but I think it shows how much fun the hot guy calendar
really was. Nolan held it up so I could take a picture of it. 


monkey slippers! 

getting upset

Such a great Christmas with great family and my boys! 
Can't wait until next Christmas (but definitely need the time to recoup)

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