I've been really terrible about keeping this thing updated, oops. So much has been going on and we have been super busy. I found out at the end of April that I was pregnant again ;) That was definitely a scary moment (I may have had a panic attack or three) but we are so excited that our children will be so close together in age, besties!! It's definitely a whole new ball game of taking care of a soon-to-be toddler and going through pregnancy again. I will admit this pregnancy has been a lot easier than Nolan's (I'm pretty sure if you have a terrible pregnancy then your baby will be the sweetest to you, easy pregnancy is just the opposite). I do get pretty nauseous daily but have only thrown up once (sorry-TMI) and I'm finally getting my energy back. I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow, so exciting! I'm also in the midst of planning Nolan's birthday and running around chasing Nolan since he has found a new sense of freedom. Nolan is climbing up on everything, throwing actual TEMPER TANTRUMS (wth?), and even having problems taking naps anymore. The first trimester was difficult since I was so exhausted and chasing after Nolan constantly, thank goodness that I'm finally in the second trimester and getting some of that much needed energy back.

I'm pretty stoked to have another kid but I must admit, almost every situation we are in I'm constantly thinking what it's going to be like with two kids, especially young kids. Dennis and I went to the Leu Gardens this weekend and ran tons of errands and cleaned the entire house...what about when there are two? Nolan was sleeping so we could clean but I doubt they will both sleep at the same time and what about all of the errands, BJS has room for two kids in the shopping car seat area but no other's do, do I just kick Nolan out and say "sorry kid, you gotta walk now"? And what about mornings? I can barely get ready on my own and get Nolan up and all of his things for daycare ready while taking the dog out and carrying Nolan around, now with two kids? I'm pretty adaptable...right?

Apparently I have to go to work now...going in late and taking off early is my motto!