What? I'm not a natural?

So we had our baby shower yesterday, which was phenomenol. I will definitely make a post on that, but at this moment don't have the energy to upload photos and talk a lot.

Anyways, today we decided to go through all of the things that we got. We were fine cutting tags off of clothes, mittens, hats, shoes, blankets, and towels so that they can be cleaned. We had a bit of a rough time putting the thing that sorta looks like a play pen but has a million add ons to it, got that finally and proudly took a picture of the finished product (that we couldn't even roll out of our room...argh). Now we have the soothing center laying in a million pieces on the bed and floor of our bedroom. I sent Denny out for some dinner for as much energy to put that one together, even though it is the most exciting! Hooray!

However, I am realizing that now I have to learn how to do things. I majored in Development, Family Studies, and Early Childhood Education, which means I went through a lot of infant development books, play therapy, etc. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to be a mom and it scares the living junk out of me. I am scared to death people! Since Dennis has been gone to get dinner I have tried to figure out which bottles I want to use, I have now changed my mind to Playtex drop ins. However, if you are breast feeding you need the newer freezer bags and the unit that hooks up to breast pumps and then freeze and thaw (how?! what!) and then attach and then add nipple and then the world should start spinning again. Problem is I'm confused. I was reading the reviews on the breast feeding playtex unit system thingy and it got me even more confused as people kept saying they needed atleast 6 of these which is expensive. I am so confused and TERRIFIED that I am going to ruin my baby for life...so much so I finally gave in and apologized to baby bean today.

I am scared to death the changing table on top of the play pen thingy isn't stable enough as there were two extra velcro straps that we couldn't figure out where to velcro to and I am sure those velcro things will cause some serious natural disaster.

Going through the baby clothes....wow. Some have to be in cold water, some in warm water....why can't I just put them all in together? Obviously there is a reason for this and if I don't do them seperately my baby is going to get some sort of skin disease.

I'm a mess...and I don't know how to fix it.

Pregnancy really reminds you how very little you know about becoming a mommy and I really thought I had atleast SOME knowledge.

So again....I am sorry baby Nolan for the parents that you have been given and the fact that one day the changing table in your play pen thingy might catapult you into another universe while wearing clothes that were washed incorrectly. :/


Miss it? What!

My bestfriend from Texas came in to town for my baby shower last night. At some point we were talking about pregnancy and all that comes with it. Then out of no where she said, "Youre going to miss it when you're not pregnant anymore". I wanted to smack her and scream at the same time. Miss it? What is there to miss? The throwing up (which apparently has not gone away for me, as evidenced by this morning), the carpal tunnel, hemorroids, swelling, sleepless nights, pregnancy brain, mood swings, insane hunger [that will allow you to eat all the cookies and creme icecream on the planet if possible], the gas...what?! Perhaps I will miss the movement, but even that has gotten uncomfortable as little man has set up a home in my pubic region. There are times I often wonder why I have a pregnancy tummy and my pubic area has not ballooned out as he is clearly hanging VERY low. I have not felt any movement up by my ribs (I think that may be a blessing) or above my belly button. Little man found my bladder and it is now his play toy.

Am I going to cry due to missing pregnancy, someone tell me this isn't so. I can't imagine missing these insane months which have left me feeling crazy on a daily basic and have turned my feet into "little dough girl" feet.

[note: I was going to post a picture to show you how joyous my pregnancy has been, however I think I will have to pass. The photo is a picture of me sitting on the bathroom floor, next to the toilet, eating out of a tub of cookies n creme icecream. That pictures just about sums my entire pregnancy up!]


Weird symptoms...

So when you first get pregnant I don't think you ever think of all the symptoms that COULD happen to you. You think of the obvious, morning sickness, being tired, and craving things, maybe some constipation (sorry!), and of course the oh so painful boobs. However, through my lovely journey I have experienced symptoms that are just crazy to think that pregnancy causes them. There are several of them but only two were bugging me this morning when I woke up, so here we go.

Carpal Tunnel: As long as I've known about carpal tunnel I was sure it was not painful or really annoying and couldn't understand why there was such a wave of everyone having carpal tunnel. Several weeks back my hands were more apt to be numb when I woke up, no big deal..shake them around and we are all good. Then it gradually got to the point were four finger tips on my left hand were completely numb, all day...everyday. That got to be annoying seeing as how that was my hand that I write with and it was hard to write for work. I checked with the doc and she said its a part of pregnancy and will go away once I have baby bean. The doc recommended getting a wrist brace. I didn't of course, but I'm still alive. Starting this week my right hand has been numb in four fingers now which is really bareable for the most part, however this morning I woke up with radiating pain from my right fingers, through my hand, through my wrist, and through my arm. Just a dull pulsing pain, not sharp. The pain is now gone but the tips of my fingers on both hands feel like "pins and needles" and I can't get it to go away. If I want to rub something out of my eye, I have to use the lower part of my fingers that is not numb, it feels really weird. Oh yeah, occassionally you can feel the nerve popping in the middle of your palm that causes all these problems and that is weird and just plain strange feeling. I've been told pregnant women get carpal tunnel because of the extra blood flow which makes the tissues in the hands/fingers swell. Imagine putting make up on with all of your fingers (except your thumbs, numb). Putting makeup on actually makes the numbness increase over the entire finger :/

Restless Leg Syndrome: One night several weeks ago I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and I would get weird sensations (like an itch) that would make me move both of my legs. This would happen often so that all night I am moving all around. Dennis looked at me and said something about RLS. I kind of laughed because that is another diagnosis I had never really quite bought in to actually being something that people suffered from. I was pretty sure it was all in their head. Wow...it's really not. I researched and pregnant women are more apt to get RLS as well, which of course will say bye once the lovely bean is born. It is so weid and really annoying especially since I have to keep my feet up throughout the night while sleeping or watching tv, agh!!! I really don't know the reason for this, all I know is I pray all of this weird stuff goes away after the bebe is here.

On to another topic, I had another appointment with my psycho doc. She appears to be nicer when Dennis is there, strange... She actually talked to me yesterday and seemed to listen, WHOA! She also had a really great piece of advice when it comes to keeping my feet up at night. My feet have swollen so bady [in fact my mother called my feet, little dough girl feet last night, grrr] that I have to keep my feet up above my heart any time I am sitting. This can be rather difficult at night when you stack up huge decorative pillows and I am told I should sleep mostly on my left side, it is just really uncomfortable and in moving around all night the pillows normally end up on the floor or on top of Dennis. The doc told me to put those same pillows under the mattress, which would raise the entire mattress and not just my feet, wow....talk about a difference! It's like I have one of those mattresses that goes up and down :) Maybe the doc isn't so bad after all...

Well Dennis just got home and he told me I am, "walking a thin line" as I am blogging and not getting ready so I must go....pray for me...

oh PS: Becky gets in today for my shower this weekend, I haven't seen my bestie in two years since I moved from Texas, hooray!!!!! Love her! Off to the beach we go!



When you're pregnant you learn that your body disappoints you in so many ways. There's the morning sickness (morning, noon, night, and in the middle of your sleep) and the weight gain, and the swelling but nothing irks me more than the bladder issues.

It is very disappointing when you're pregnant and you have to go pee every 5-10 minutes. It is even more disappointing when you sit down and a drop comes out. You have an urge as if you have been holding it all day, run to the bathroom, and quickly sit down for what...a dribble?! PLEASE! I am so over this! I did not just run (which has now made me out of breath) to the bathroom for that, are you kidding me? Apparently I did...

I went pee before I started this post, and now at the ending (10 minutes later) I must return to the bathroom for another drop and more frustration.


Happy Father to Be Day :)

We are not celebrating father's day today, we are celebrating relaxation after celebrating it yesterday, or atleast I am (after working this morning)

Yesterday, I took Dennis on a shopping spree for clothes, hooray! Maybe finally I can go three straight days without hearing Dennis talk about how terrible his work clothes are or that they are too "baggy" in the back. If only he could go a day without hearing me complain about my slim to none clothing options, poor guy! Now when I was planning Father's Day I didn't really think about my sanity or health because clearly I should not be out in 100 degree weather all day, right? The clothes shopping went really well and despite of wiping me out, I was really happy that Dennis was able to get tons of clothes, he's got style now, watch out!

We went to lunch. I over ate and had too many cokes (yes I know pregnant women shouldn't have cokes, go through withdrawal migraines and then lets talk).

We came home and I tasked Dennis with putting his clothes away, mainly so I could get in a two hour nap before our next adventure. (note: the third trimester of pregnancy is no joke, I find myself often laying my head on my desk at work and taking a quick nap, shh!).

After my nap and finally getting ready to go out I took Dennis to a new "mexican" restaurant in Downtown Disney. We are still in search of a mexican restaurant anything at all like On the Border. We get to down town disney, park, and walk in the million degree heat index weather only to be seated at the new restaurant and find that very little AC is on. Why? What? Are you crazy? Clearly they were. It was very packed and the "mexican" food was a little too American for me, complete with french fries. They did have an amazing selection of 37 different tequila's for their margaritas, but apparently pregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol. :/ By the end of the meal we were both clearly sweating and then walked back out into the heat. Dennis insisted on walking around the Market Place which I guess has stores, we did go in Lego Land (Ghiradelli, some soap shop, and McDonalds)...mainly to see if their AC was working, it wasn't.

After walking all around and finally having to put my nicely done hair up in a pony tail we made it back to our car and actually drove to the down town disney movie theater, which is really not that far unless its 100 degrees outside and you're pregnant. We saw "Hangover" which I have to say was the most hilarious movie I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life, you must go see it! I think I'll go see it again next week.

Well that was basically the end of the Father's day, at 2am. We both woke up bright and early at about 6am and almost shot the barking animal from downstairs, got ready, and went to work.

I hope you had a good day father to be Dennis, little man and I love you to pieces! I am now off to take my must have mid-day nap!


It just keeps going!

I was rather excited when Dennis just got home to show him my new blog! The excitement quickly disappeared when Dennis got half way through my first blog and said he was finished. Stunned, I asked if he honestly could see no more words written and Dennis said, "Oh it keeps going?".

I have chosen to forgive because Dennis ran out of here in a rush to go somewhere that is a secret. Obviously I am assuming it has something to do with buying something for me. Perhaps my laptop discussion in my previous post really got through to him?

30 Weeks and Finally a Day Off

Today is my first day off in a while and I have no idea what to do with myself. Dennis has banned me from the nursery because it has now become a storage unit for all things “baby shower”. I shouldn’t kid myself, all I would do is stare at everything we have so far in awe and then walk right back out. I would love to get out the plastic pins we have stacked in the garage and clean them out, but I’m sure that would be dangerous and almost inevitably end with me icing something and crying. One productive thing I have done today involves being able to be on the computer and keep my feet up. Although, I must say it is not working out too well. My feet are swollen to the size of…well I don’t know but they are huge. I found a box and some pillows and put them under my computer desk. It is actually not helping at all and kind of hurting my legs but I keep telling myself it is better than having them flat on the floor. I’m fairly certain I need a laptop but I’m sure this is how that conversation with go with Dennis…
Me: I was thinking that a lap top would really help me out with having to
keep my feet up and just make life easier.

Dennis: hahahahaha.

Maybe when Dennis reads this he will have an overwhelming urge to go out and buy me one! Yeah, I can pretend right? Or maybe Dennis will come home and say, “You hit a mile stone at 30 weeks now and I think you deserve a laptop!” Well, even if he doesn’t I am proud of myself for hitting the 30 week milestone and not bursting, dying, melting, popping, or drowning myself in all of my pregnant tears. Pregnancy is not easy, but thank goodness I only have 8 more weeks until I am full term and then an added two until my due date. Just for future reference and your own safety, do not tell a 30 week pregnant woman that she still has a long way to go like my doctor did at my check up last week. I wanted to cry and punch her all at the same time. I don’t even have time to go into the violent thoughts that my doctor makes me think of when I have to visit her, that’s going to be left for another blog.