Coffee Bath

So this morning after our wonderful neurosurgery visit (really how many times can you say that) I decided I would go to Lane Bryant and get some clothes since I had two gift cards there...with both of the boys. I'm not sure if I just have memory loss after the last shopping trip with them or if I'm just completely nieve to think they will actually behave for longer than 5 minutes at a time. Maybe both...

Nolan had a large chocolate milk with him that wasn't in a sippy cup, this a regular twist top. Surely my child wouldn't use the milk in any way other than to drink it, right? Wrong.

Right before I checked out I looked at Nolan and he had poured some in his cup holder and was splashing in it. There was chocolate milk all over the floor. I was the only customer in there so I did the only logical thing, I walked away with the stroller and pretended I had no idea how the mess on their floor happened.

Worse still, as I'm checking out, I notice that Nolan has now started to use the leftover milk that he poured in his cup holder to "clean" Kaleb's feet with. So clearly I looked away and pretended not to notice. I just wanted to get out of the store in one piece.

A few minutes pass and the store manager comes up to me and tells me, "Your son is bathing the baby in coffee". Coffee?! I look over and Nolan is now washing Kaleb's hair in chocolate milk. So clearly I correct the situation and tell her that it's not coffee, just chocolate milk and continue my check out process (no I didn't correct Nolan...what was I going to do? scream? put him in his seat he's already sitting in for time out?...nope...sometimes my best answer is to ignore!). Then the lady hands me a paper towel. That's nice and all but I do have wipes and I will break out those bad boys when I get to the car. Because what is my main goal? TO GET OUT OF THE STORE. So I use the paper towel, soak up the rest of the milk in the cup holder and Nolan fa-lips out. And now there are people shopping in the store and they are starring at me. I'm mortified, one of my kids is screaming at the top of his lungs and the other is just hanging out with chocolate milk all over him and his hair sticking straight up.

As I walk out of the store I see the manager pick up the paper towels and mop and begins to clean the floor. Oopsie.

Hopefully next time I have the bright idea to go anywhere with the kids I will refer back to this post, more than likely I won't though.

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Hi Erin,

Lol! I'm sorry that happend to you. I've gotta admit though that I laughed & laughed. That's so funny. It's just the best of kids being kids (: it sounds like you handled it well.

Kerry Willberg

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