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I very rarely talk about two things, weight issues and religion issues. So lets change all of that today.

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I've been messing with Medifast off and on for some time now. I haven't taken it seriously to be honest with you. But I bet if I write this stuff on my blog that will keep me accountable. Right? Well lets hope because that's what I'm trying.

Of course like everyone else I decided January 1st would be my first day. I'm pretty sure within in a day or two I had already done some major cheating. For the most part I would have the lean part of the "lean and green" and mostly kept up with eating my 5 Medifast meals during the day. After lots of cheating I decided this morning I would weigh myself...just for the heck of it. And to my surprise I had lost....9 POUNDS!

Wth? That wasn't supposed to happen...well that would be the obvious outcome if I had not cheated, but I cheated a lot. So, that 9 pounds is my motivation. If I can lose that much without really even trying...imagine what will happen when I do try :)

As far as religion goes...I haven't really practiced any for a long time. But, my friend and I talked a couple of weeks ago and both wanted to try to go to church together and see if we could find a great place to go. We searched online (until 2am) and finally found one. The next morning, we got up and went to church .We heard great things about this nondenominational church, GREAT things. The services was even better. We instantly felt like it was the place for us. So now we attend the 6pm service and I take the kids (they have a nursery and "Toddler Town". We always meet some really great people.

I'm not a type of person to talk about religion or God..Jesus...etc. I also don't really talk about crazy things that happen because of faith or religion or what have you. BUT...last night a crazy thing happened. Kaleb is on a prescription formula due to his milk protein allergy. It is very expensive and normally insurance pays for it. However, our insurance does not pay for it. We were given free cases of this formula when one of my dear friends lost her 2 year old son who was on it. (ohh sweet Caleb...you are so loved). She gave me the rest of his formula and it has lasted us MONTHS. We only have a few cases left so we've been researching the cheapest way to get it. Last night when I went to pick the kids up from the church's nursery a lady came up to me and asked if Kaleb was indeed on this formula and I said yes. She said that she just weaned her daughter off of it and has about 18 cases left over which they got for free from their insurance and she wanted me to have it. She had seen the can on the counter after I left the children there. She is actually the children's minister director...something or other and super sweet.

I know this might not be that amazing to most people but to put it into perspective, if we bought the amount of cases they are giving us we would spend close to $1200. Probably more with shipping costs. That's a LOT of money.

Obviously we wouldn't be getting this awesome amount of formula had I not been at church. ;)

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GOD let's us know he is there, all we have to do is take a step towards him.


wow congrats on the awesome weight loss!!

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