And...I'm Back!

It's been nearly two months since I've posted on here. I've tried...I really have. I did blog posts in the car while driving to Texas about our road trip but I couldn't get them to update from my phone. Other than that we have been overly busy.

We had a great time in Texas. Dennis' family was great, Nolan had a birthday party, we saw old friends, went shopping, ate at the wonderful restaurants that we unfortunately do not have here in Florida and went to my best friends beautiful wedding. Such a great time and I can't wait for our trip next year!

Nolan is officially two now and is in the 75th % for his height and weight. Phew. I was worried that he was really small because he never eats, unless of course he finds a piece of bread or some type of cheese. At his two year old appointment the doctor could see that he still has pretty bad excema and said that most likely he will have it for the rest of his life. I just wish it wasn't on his cheeks...we can deal with the back but the flare ups on the cheeks are terrible. We have so many damn bottles of creams, lotions, oils and nothing seems to work on his. She gave us a prescription for some oil so hopefully that will give him some relief. Nolan is talking up a storm. He recently taught his entire classroom the saying, "Go away". So much so, one of the mom's of another boy in his class asked the teachers where he learned the saying "go away". They told me they didn't have a clue. And then Nolan probably walked up to her and told her to go away. Nolan also says, love you, thank you, no thank you, night night, me go, me do, outside, inside, shoes, eye, baby, mommy (but not daddy somehow??), mimi (my mom), and much more.

Kaleb is now 7 months old. He is doing really well considering things doctors had told us to expect when we had him. He now only has one cast on his leg which I am so sick of. They have cancelled his surgery twice now and finally he should have surgery on Monday. He is actually going to have two surgeries at the same time with his Orthopedic doctor and his Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. He'll be getting his right foot pinned and the Achilles cut and hopefully won't need the left foot done as well. Then his ENT doctor will be putting a camera down his throat into his lungs, voice box, esophagus and other places to see if he has anything blocking his airway due to his severe sleep apnea and also check to see if his severe reflux has caused any damage to his throat. K's reflux has gotten so bad over the past two months. He will throw up stomach acid hours after eating. He even throws up vegetables and cereal that we recently started him on. I feel so bad for him. You can smell the stomach acid and I can only imagine how bad it hurts his little throat. Also, Kaleb now has his Star Band which is his helmet for his flat head (plagiocephaly). He is doing quite well getting around with a 1lb cast on his leg and a huge helmet. He rolls around, kicks, finally started somewhat grabbing at toys, he has brought toys to his mouth a few times, and he gets so happy when he is playing. He is getting behind in his development but we knew this would happen, it could always be worse. He is also small for his age and the doctor is monitoring it to see if he may need a feeding tube put in. I hope not. I realized that he was small for his age when we were in Texas and he turned 6 months old and I had bought him new 6 months onesies and when I put them on they were pretty darn big on him. At that point he would fit best in 3 month old clothes.

Well Kaleb is waking up and I need to finish cleaning up for pest control to get here. I hope everyone is doing well and I will work hard to keep this thing updated!