Gas Gas Go Away

My goodness. Today was rough. I think everything that Kaleb is going through just makes his "terrible twos" so much worse. And it's even worse with Kaleb because you can't communicate with him. He wants everything and he wants everything now. And when he doesn't get what he wants he screams and bangs his head (he's started punching himself now). It's so unbelievably frustrating. Hes always been so sweet and today was just...rough. You never know what will set him off. Lately he gets set off when he sees laptops, iPhones, sippy cups (anyone's), anything with a straw in it, random stuff. He just pitched a fit over a cd cover that I bought today. Aghhhh!

It's even worse because he hasn't been sleeping much since we got back from St. Louis (trip #2). His tummy issues are the root cause but we can only "manually burp" him through his feeding tube so much. Some of the gas is already in his intestines and that stuff you just can't get out through his tube. I'm definitely looking forward to April 1st when we can start another round of treatment for his Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. At this point it's reminding me of life with a newborn and that is one thing I do not miss. 

Well, Kaleb's screaming in his crib so we must go get him...g'nite.