I know I've said it many times and people that know us in "real-life" know how true this is but Nolan is a cleaning FREAK. Is it going to turn into OCD? Today I took him out front while Kaleb took a nap so we could kick around his "giggaball" or bouncy ball, which we did for about 10 minutes. Then Nolan decided he was done and had to go inside, I was scratching my head. The kid talks about being outside and walking and playing with his ball a million times a day. Plus...I didn't want to go in yet. It was nice and sunny and I could get some very minor tanning on! We get inside and I lock the door behind me and he has a melt down. Screaming. Crying. Then saying words I don't understand. He ran away to get something and came back with the damn BROOM! Ah! He carries a broom or vacuum all around the house with him. So now he has to go outside and sweep..."my sweep my sweep". Grr. We go outside and right away he starts sweeping the dirt in the plant beds...uh not having it. Then he sweeps my grass and then some mulch. At the end of the cleaning spree the outside of the house looked worse than when we came outside in the first place.

 But seriously, what is it with the cleaning? Have I somehow ruined him for life and he is destined to be a neat freak for the rest of his life? Our house is not clean or tidy and we don't obsessively walk around with cleaning items to try to make it cleaner. At what point do I become worried? I mean the kid literally wakes up in the middle of his sleep to get his vacuum and vacuum the halls. Seriously?

 What's he doing? Not so sure...

                                                            See the child and a broom through the bars? 

Mad at me for something I'm sure :)  

Such a hard worker. 

My faves in my yard. 

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