Diva Mom

Okay I need advice. How do you become one of those moms that do everything. And I mean everything!

I know everyone has kind words about my day to day with so many medical things going on but really, I need to step it up a notch. Part of the reason I didn't enroll Nolan in soccer this season is because I'm terrified...What if I can't live up to the soccer mom role? Right now I'm aceing it at being a "medical mom" but adding more to that? I cringe.

I want my kids in sports. I want to do crafts with them. How do moms do all of this and have a clean house? Or do they do all of it and their houses are all in rubbles from the dirt and mess? What's the secret women?

I'm not a neat freak by any means (ask my Mom...she'll set you straight), but the sight of toys and stuff thrown everywhere and underfoot...it makes me ill. My husband and I look at our house at times and we're just like, how did this happen? And we only have two kids. And those two kids don't have sports activities or friends over or craft projects all over the place.

Now that I'm feeling better (I'm being treated for a damaged right inner ear which has screwed up my balance for months) I finally have some energy so I really want to start crafts with the kids. I also want to take them all over the place. Parks. Pumpkin patches. You name it, we should be there.


And here are some crafts that I'm aching to do....

Source: etsy.com via Erin on Pinterest