Happy New Year

It's finally 2012. Yes, I've been waiting for this. The past year has been the most difficult year thus far and I know great things are coming in 2012.

There are so many things I want to do in 2012 and I finally feel like we can do those things. Kaleb is doing really well and I have accepted my new life with him and the many changes he has brought. Nolan is talking up a storm and brings so much joy to me on a daily basis. I'm starting off a new year being a stay at home mom, it's challenging but I love spending my days with my boys.

2012 Bucket List
1. lose weight (my medifast journey begins tomorrow...or today...as soon as I'm finished with my wine)
2. forgive my dad
3. go to the annual SOFT conference in St. Louis...my first!
4. raise awareness for Trisomy 9
5. become more organized
6. go back to Marco Island
7. go to Disney World (and be part of the Trisomy float)
8. couponing couponing couponing
9. volunteer and get Nolan involved
10. cook from scratch more
11. go on more dates with the hubby
12. bake more
13. spend New Years Eve in downtown Orlando with limo transportation
14. spend more time with friends
15. get my eyes checked (glasses)
16. follow the family rules posted on our living room wall
17. read more
18. do more crafts
19. go to the beach more often
20. cuddle more
21. not be so hard on myself about my house always being clean and in order
22. register to vote
23. teach the kids sign language
24. watch the past two seasons of Dexter to catch up
25. go to church regularly

So it's 1am and I can't think of anymore so I'm going to end it now...I can always add to it as we go through the year right?

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