Please pray...

...for my toddler. He is driving me absolutely insane today. That's fine if you portray yourself and your family to be perfect and have no issues, but this family...this family has issues! :) Lets pretend your toddler is perfect...hell you can't even pretend that. I don't think there is any perfect toddler.

Nolan has been throwing heavy items at our dog all morning (nothing new) and rammed his ikea chair into him when he was backed into a wall. So I have sequestered our dog to the master bedroom with a gate so he can't get out and therefore can't get hurt. It's actually been a more peaceful past 20 minutes until I told Nolan that we needed to get clothes for him picked out for today so we could go bye-bye. I said this as I was on my laptop researching items for Kaleb's birthday party. Nolan came up to me, pushed the power button, shut the screen on my hand and said "something something bye-bye". I said we weren't going bye-bye right then so he lifted my screen back up and pushed the power back up.

Thank goodness for this toddler nothing was lost when said laptop was turned off abruptly.

Source: etsy.com via Lori on Pinterest

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