Well Hello There

I'm back. At least for now. I can't even remember the last time I blogged but it's been a rough time since then. I'm slower than most to getting used to new situations and during my slow-ness...everything goes by the wayside.

It's probably safe to bet that in the past couple of months my house been a complete wreck (along with my hair), laundry hasn't been done, and dinners haven't been cooked.

In May Kaleb was hospitalized for sudden aspiration possibly due to neurological decline and had to have surgery to place a feeding tube and Nissen (along with surgery on both feet).  Because of this, our lives and home have been insanely disrupted. But...I'm back. I'm trying to pull it all together. My house hasn't burned down and the kids are still alive (I should win an award for this).

I know you all are in tears to know that I'm finally back and that I was missed so much...what can I say? :)

I can do this. I can pick up the pieces (and the crap all over the house) and dust myself off. I must blog more, even if no one ever reads this. Even though our family is going through unbearable situations at times, I want to remember every day, appointment, surgery, hospitalization, first words, therapies, and the crazy stuff that my nearly 3 year old Nolan does. It may be painful now, but in many many years I will have this to look back on and I just know I will laugh my ass of.