Miss it? What!

My bestfriend from Texas came in to town for my baby shower last night. At some point we were talking about pregnancy and all that comes with it. Then out of no where she said, "Youre going to miss it when you're not pregnant anymore". I wanted to smack her and scream at the same time. Miss it? What is there to miss? The throwing up (which apparently has not gone away for me, as evidenced by this morning), the carpal tunnel, hemorroids, swelling, sleepless nights, pregnancy brain, mood swings, insane hunger [that will allow you to eat all the cookies and creme icecream on the planet if possible], the gas...what?! Perhaps I will miss the movement, but even that has gotten uncomfortable as little man has set up a home in my pubic region. There are times I often wonder why I have a pregnancy tummy and my pubic area has not ballooned out as he is clearly hanging VERY low. I have not felt any movement up by my ribs (I think that may be a blessing) or above my belly button. Little man found my bladder and it is now his play toy.

Am I going to cry due to missing pregnancy, someone tell me this isn't so. I can't imagine missing these insane months which have left me feeling crazy on a daily basic and have turned my feet into "little dough girl" feet.

[note: I was going to post a picture to show you how joyous my pregnancy has been, however I think I will have to pass. The photo is a picture of me sitting on the bathroom floor, next to the toilet, eating out of a tub of cookies n creme icecream. That pictures just about sums my entire pregnancy up!]

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I've heard some people miss being preggers--I for one do not. Never have. Though it was nice having people bend over backwards to help out "the pregnant lady".

And ow---it HURTS when they are pouncing on your bladder--hopefully he shifts positions soon!

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