30 Weeks and Finally a Day Off

Today is my first day off in a while and I have no idea what to do with myself. Dennis has banned me from the nursery because it has now become a storage unit for all things “baby shower”. I shouldn’t kid myself, all I would do is stare at everything we have so far in awe and then walk right back out. I would love to get out the plastic pins we have stacked in the garage and clean them out, but I’m sure that would be dangerous and almost inevitably end with me icing something and crying. One productive thing I have done today involves being able to be on the computer and keep my feet up. Although, I must say it is not working out too well. My feet are swollen to the size of…well I don’t know but they are huge. I found a box and some pillows and put them under my computer desk. It is actually not helping at all and kind of hurting my legs but I keep telling myself it is better than having them flat on the floor. I’m fairly certain I need a laptop but I’m sure this is how that conversation with go with Dennis…
Me: I was thinking that a lap top would really help me out with having to
keep my feet up and just make life easier.

Dennis: hahahahaha.

Maybe when Dennis reads this he will have an overwhelming urge to go out and buy me one! Yeah, I can pretend right? Or maybe Dennis will come home and say, “You hit a mile stone at 30 weeks now and I think you deserve a laptop!” Well, even if he doesn’t I am proud of myself for hitting the 30 week milestone and not bursting, dying, melting, popping, or drowning myself in all of my pregnant tears. Pregnancy is not easy, but thank goodness I only have 8 more weeks until I am full term and then an added two until my due date. Just for future reference and your own safety, do not tell a 30 week pregnant woman that she still has a long way to go like my doctor did at my check up last week. I wanted to cry and punch her all at the same time. I don’t even have time to go into the violent thoughts that my doctor makes me think of when I have to visit her, that’s going to be left for another blog.

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You are too cute!! You are soo close and the baby will be here before you know it!! I am so proud of you and want you to know that I love you very much (Dennis and Bean too!) Miss you

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