Happy Father to Be Day :)

We are not celebrating father's day today, we are celebrating relaxation after celebrating it yesterday, or atleast I am (after working this morning)

Yesterday, I took Dennis on a shopping spree for clothes, hooray! Maybe finally I can go three straight days without hearing Dennis talk about how terrible his work clothes are or that they are too "baggy" in the back. If only he could go a day without hearing me complain about my slim to none clothing options, poor guy! Now when I was planning Father's Day I didn't really think about my sanity or health because clearly I should not be out in 100 degree weather all day, right? The clothes shopping went really well and despite of wiping me out, I was really happy that Dennis was able to get tons of clothes, he's got style now, watch out!

We went to lunch. I over ate and had too many cokes (yes I know pregnant women shouldn't have cokes, go through withdrawal migraines and then lets talk).

We came home and I tasked Dennis with putting his clothes away, mainly so I could get in a two hour nap before our next adventure. (note: the third trimester of pregnancy is no joke, I find myself often laying my head on my desk at work and taking a quick nap, shh!).

After my nap and finally getting ready to go out I took Dennis to a new "mexican" restaurant in Downtown Disney. We are still in search of a mexican restaurant anything at all like On the Border. We get to down town disney, park, and walk in the million degree heat index weather only to be seated at the new restaurant and find that very little AC is on. Why? What? Are you crazy? Clearly they were. It was very packed and the "mexican" food was a little too American for me, complete with french fries. They did have an amazing selection of 37 different tequila's for their margaritas, but apparently pregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol. :/ By the end of the meal we were both clearly sweating and then walked back out into the heat. Dennis insisted on walking around the Market Place which I guess has stores, we did go in Lego Land (Ghiradelli, some soap shop, and McDonalds)...mainly to see if their AC was working, it wasn't.

After walking all around and finally having to put my nicely done hair up in a pony tail we made it back to our car and actually drove to the down town disney movie theater, which is really not that far unless its 100 degrees outside and you're pregnant. We saw "Hangover" which I have to say was the most hilarious movie I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life, you must go see it! I think I'll go see it again next week.

Well that was basically the end of the Father's day, at 2am. We both woke up bright and early at about 6am and almost shot the barking animal from downstairs, got ready, and went to work.

I hope you had a good day father to be Dennis, little man and I love you to pieces! I am now off to take my must have mid-day nap!

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Dude, I love Basin (the soap shop)!


i didnt have time to take the name down, I was in search of AC!!!! I did get some great bath salts there though :)


Haha you're such a wuss.
Withdrawal migraines from no caffeine is as simple as taking a couple Advil and staying away from caffeine. It goes away.

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