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So when you first get pregnant I don't think you ever think of all the symptoms that COULD happen to you. You think of the obvious, morning sickness, being tired, and craving things, maybe some constipation (sorry!), and of course the oh so painful boobs. However, through my lovely journey I have experienced symptoms that are just crazy to think that pregnancy causes them. There are several of them but only two were bugging me this morning when I woke up, so here we go.

Carpal Tunnel: As long as I've known about carpal tunnel I was sure it was not painful or really annoying and couldn't understand why there was such a wave of everyone having carpal tunnel. Several weeks back my hands were more apt to be numb when I woke up, no big deal..shake them around and we are all good. Then it gradually got to the point were four finger tips on my left hand were completely numb, all day...everyday. That got to be annoying seeing as how that was my hand that I write with and it was hard to write for work. I checked with the doc and she said its a part of pregnancy and will go away once I have baby bean. The doc recommended getting a wrist brace. I didn't of course, but I'm still alive. Starting this week my right hand has been numb in four fingers now which is really bareable for the most part, however this morning I woke up with radiating pain from my right fingers, through my hand, through my wrist, and through my arm. Just a dull pulsing pain, not sharp. The pain is now gone but the tips of my fingers on both hands feel like "pins and needles" and I can't get it to go away. If I want to rub something out of my eye, I have to use the lower part of my fingers that is not numb, it feels really weird. Oh yeah, occassionally you can feel the nerve popping in the middle of your palm that causes all these problems and that is weird and just plain strange feeling. I've been told pregnant women get carpal tunnel because of the extra blood flow which makes the tissues in the hands/fingers swell. Imagine putting make up on with all of your fingers (except your thumbs, numb). Putting makeup on actually makes the numbness increase over the entire finger :/

Restless Leg Syndrome: One night several weeks ago I was sitting on the couch with my feet up and I would get weird sensations (like an itch) that would make me move both of my legs. This would happen often so that all night I am moving all around. Dennis looked at me and said something about RLS. I kind of laughed because that is another diagnosis I had never really quite bought in to actually being something that people suffered from. I was pretty sure it was all in their head. Wow...it's really not. I researched and pregnant women are more apt to get RLS as well, which of course will say bye once the lovely bean is born. It is so weid and really annoying especially since I have to keep my feet up throughout the night while sleeping or watching tv, agh!!! I really don't know the reason for this, all I know is I pray all of this weird stuff goes away after the bebe is here.

On to another topic, I had another appointment with my psycho doc. She appears to be nicer when Dennis is there, strange... She actually talked to me yesterday and seemed to listen, WHOA! She also had a really great piece of advice when it comes to keeping my feet up at night. My feet have swollen so bady [in fact my mother called my feet, little dough girl feet last night, grrr] that I have to keep my feet up above my heart any time I am sitting. This can be rather difficult at night when you stack up huge decorative pillows and I am told I should sleep mostly on my left side, it is just really uncomfortable and in moving around all night the pillows normally end up on the floor or on top of Dennis. The doc told me to put those same pillows under the mattress, which would raise the entire mattress and not just my feet, wow....talk about a difference! It's like I have one of those mattresses that goes up and down :) Maybe the doc isn't so bad after all...

Well Dennis just got home and he told me I am, "walking a thin line" as I am blogging and not getting ready so I must go....pray for me...

oh PS: Becky gets in today for my shower this weekend, I haven't seen my bestie in two years since I moved from Texas, hooray!!!!! Love her! Off to the beach we go!

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Have a wonderful visit with your friend and ENJOY your shower. Wish I could be there!

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