When you're pregnant you learn that your body disappoints you in so many ways. There's the morning sickness (morning, noon, night, and in the middle of your sleep) and the weight gain, and the swelling but nothing irks me more than the bladder issues.

It is very disappointing when you're pregnant and you have to go pee every 5-10 minutes. It is even more disappointing when you sit down and a drop comes out. You have an urge as if you have been holding it all day, run to the bathroom, and quickly sit down for what...a dribble?! PLEASE! I am so over this! I did not just run (which has now made me out of breath) to the bathroom for that, are you kidding me? Apparently I did...

I went pee before I started this post, and now at the ending (10 minutes later) I must return to the bathroom for another drop and more frustration.

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