Canine Medicine

Sometimes I'm pretty sure that any Trisomy parent could breeze through medical school and get their doctorate easily. Sometimes even, we are the ones that teach our children's doctors about Trisomy and related chromosome disorders. But when it comes to medical knowledge about animals, I am completely useless.

We have two dogs and a cat [I really don't know what we were thinking]. We recently decided to get both of our dogs neutered. Our big dog, Tucker, had his surgery last week. He did really well if you don't count the fact that he learned how to take off his cone quickly and pull out his staples. A week later was our little dog's turn, Yogi. That would be today. My hubby took him in this morning and within the past hour they called me to tell me they were about to take him back to the OR when they noticed recent blood tests came back concerning.

Something about his liver levels being high? The words liver shunt were also thrown in there. I think other words were, additional testing, blood tests, pre and post something, and then something about $91.98. I must have asked her a million questions and still have no clue other than the fact that something might be up with his liver? Oh and the testing is expensive. I definitely understood that.

So here's to hoping no more testing and everything is just fine. Because honestly...I don't want to become a self proclaimed expert in canine medical issues.

Yogi has our heart :) 

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