Crafts R'Us

I like to pretend that I'm crafty. Really, I have good ideas but they never seem to work out. Right now I'm sitting at my dining table and staring at all of the Christmas paraphernalia I bought to make an ornament wreath. I got halfway done and realized I needed more of the larger ornaments. Another craft abandoned. 

And now my table just looks like Santa threw up all over it and there's glitter everywhere. 

Sure I'll finish it eventually, I'm pretty sure I don't have a storage box with a label that says, "xmas-sparkly-glittery-jingly-items". 

Unfortunately this just means I'm going to have to take both of my kids into the craft store. Which, in-case you didn't know, doubles as a toy store.....
fake flowers = fishing pole and/or sweeper
ornaments = balls to throw
placemats = coloring pages
glue = glue (YAY...glue...)
yarn = jump rope

You get the picture. :/

Source: blog.heylook.fi via Liz on Pinterest

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