The month of August (in 2010) was the worst month of my life. There was something wrong with my unborn baby and absolutely nothing could fix it. Since then I have enthralled myself in to stories of others who have given birth to babies with special needs, trisomy families, and even families whose children passed away at birth or way too early. Call me horrible, or whatever but it was what I could relate with...what I still relate to. In the beginning of my journey it was stories of other people, people I did not know, had never met. I still cried for them and my heart ached for their families but it wasn't personal.

I'm over two years into my "journey" and I've met so many wonderful people, children, families because of my special Kaleb. Now...unfortunately, I hear more often of awful things happening to kiddos. It's terrible. I hate it. It takes me right back to the beginning of my journey but even worse it envelops me entirely. I hurt so much for these families and wish so much that I could do more than give them kind words and warm thoughts. I've said it many times but it just isn't fair...kids should not have to suffer! 

Recently I found out about a sweet sweet little girl named, Reese ("Reesey"). I went to school with her mommy and later in life our paths crossed again at a mutual friend's wedding reception. After that I moved to Florida and we were only FB friends. We lost contact...but I often kept up with her ever growing family. She and her husband now have four beautiful daughters. Reesey is the third youngest. On Halloween they got horrible, awful news...Reesey has a brain tumor. My heart aches...deeply. 

Here is Reesey's mommy's update on her blog about what all has gone on. I know there are so many of you that are wonderful prayer warriors for my Kaleb, please say a little prayer for little Reesey and her family.

There is also a giveforward page set up for Reesey...

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