Losing It

Surprisingly...this post is not about my kids. It's about me.

I need to lose weight. A lot of it.

I've never posted anything like this before but I need to be held accountable so why not here right? I will probably be disabling the ability for this to post to Facebook after I post things like this in the future, because really...I don't want everyone knowing about my weight issues [maybe I will after I lose a zillion pounds].

My roomate who cooks amazing meals will be leaving tomorrow, while this is sad I am excited to start my weight loss journey which will be much easier without chicken enchiladas on my table and large amounts of spaghetti and sauce.

I recently bought an elliptical and put it right in my living room [thank God we bought the house with the bigger living area], and while I use it...I don't use it like I should. Obviously. I also recently bought a Ninja blender and protein powder. I also love Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred".

I've done two 5k's [whatever, I didn't run but I still did it right?], but I would LOVE to get to the point of even thinking about doing a marathon. I like running more than most people, so I guess that's a good thing.

I have cut out sodas and switched to sparkling water. Didn't you always know that I was high class like that? I like to lift weights. I love to see my calories burned go up and up as I work out. I very rarely do fast food and if I do I go for a lighter option [alright...most of the time...dammit].

I need some awesome support and any tips or tricks you all have found to be helpful on your journey. Please help me along, hopefully I will be brave enough to post my good and not so good days.

I can do this. I will do this.

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Online Gym

Love it! Good luck. I wish you the best. If you accomplish this you can accomplish anything.


Go for it, Erin! For working out I find it best to know at the start of each week WHEN I will work out...otherwise I conveniently find no time in a given day =)

Wendy E

I had the awesome opportunity of meeting you in person this summer and seeing that you are an amazing mom with your hands full!! So I can only imagine there is not a whole lot of time in your schedule for exercising. Diet is more than half the battle and reading labels and being aware is huge! Shop the outside of the grocery store as much as possible, stay away from the interior isles as much as possible, processed foods are really bad. I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks with no exercise on MonaVie protein shakes. The protein they use is different than what you can buy in stores, the way it interacts with your metabolism. Check out this video to help explain it.
With limited time on your hands, shakes are an awesome choice and they actually taste good. Protein bars also taste like nutter butter cookies. Good luck Erin! You can accomplish your goals with all this support. You have amazing courage! -Wendy


You all are too sweet! Wendy you are making me cry! I'm so glad we finally got to meet and know you are part of our family! Grandma actually had the protein shake at her house (I think that was from you??) and she said it wasn't too bad. I looked into it to I might try it. If I do, can I buy through you? Love you all!!!

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