Growing Pains

I can't believe how big my boys are getting. I feel like they were babies just yesterday. They are growing and becoming more independent which is great and all, but sometimes I just miss the baby days.

* is almost completely potty trained. He goes out in his underwear instead of diapers, he wears underwear at night and hasn't had ONE accident. I can't even believe it. I haven't been the most strict mom on potty training with him, probably because in all honesty the diapers are easier for me when we are going to and from therapies and doctor appointments constantly throughout the week. My bad. I actually started him on the potty when he was a year and a half old, that was when he first went pee pee in his little toilet. I thought that would be it and we were on our way to underwear. Clearly I was a very wrong mommy with way too many dreams. At least I was able to introduce the whole idea to him BEFORE Kaleb was born, after he was born it was unfortunately put on the hypothetical back burner. But not anymore. He has taken it into his own hands and done amazing at it. My little man is not so little anymore.
* talks in complete sentences...well, most of the time. It's really weird to have your child come in your bathroom and say, "Uh, Mommy...I going to use your toilet. I going to go pee pee and poo poo". It's like having an adult room mate that you can talk with but yet they make an unimaginable mess in your house and pee on your toilet seat. So odd.
[Nolan and his plane that he made out of small butter packets that restaurants give to you. AMAZING!]

* is speed crawling everywhere. It's insanely difficult to keep up with him. No matter how many times one vacuums the carpet, he WILL find some itty bitty thing on the floor and put it in his mouth. He also gets into the kitchen, opens the doors and pulls out everything. I thought about baby proofing but I'm so happy that he can even do this that I refuse. I just hide all of the unsafe things and let him have fun. It's all so tiring but I am so thankful for every little thing that he CAN do, I don't worry about how frustrating it can get constantly pulling stuff from his mouth or putting things back in the kitchen.
* is going to be two in just a few months! I can't even believe it! He can crawl, pull up on his knees, stand with help, loves the water, does great in his therapies, and is even getting two molars (which haven't been so nice to him). He only has 6 teeth and people still ask me how old the baby is when we go out but he's so much more than "just a baby"!
[An older one of Kaleb when he first started exploring the floor...this was printed in the newspaper]

Alright, enough for today. I've got to keep up with this thing more often. I love being able to look back through my pregnancies with the kids and especially during the uncertain months while I was pregnant with Kaleb and his diagnosis.

I can do this!

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