[Not So] Goodnight Moon

Dear Nolan, 

You are three. You are wearing underwear most of the time with no accidents. You use the toilet. You use a normal fork and spoon. You love bath time. You can put your shoes on and do so many other great "big boy" things. But why oh why do you HATE sleeping? You were always a great sleeper. Then you turned two and I think someone told you that you could test your boundaries. I'd like to find that person, who was it? You've been taking Super Batman Juice [Melatonin] for a month now, some nights are great and then there are those nights that I should probably not repeat. Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say it. You know that Daddy is a pushover to letting you sleep in bed and you have perfected your speech to him so you can sleep with us. Ugh. This morning my alarm was warm urine all over my back. Thank you for that. I do love you and everything about you, but we need to keep all urine to ourselves. Please sleep in your bed tonight. We have made your room so nice and cool [seriously, I'd like to sleep in there] but you hate it. You come out of your room every 15 minutes, "Mom, I need chocomilk", "Mom, I need to go pee pee", "Mom, I need to give you a kiss". You're really good at what you do. But please...for my sanity [which ultimately affects your sanity] GO TO BED...IN YOUR BED! 

Your very sleepy and slightly annoyed Mommy

Please stop falling asleep on the couch right before dinner because you refuse to take a nap. It's impossible to wake you up and when you do wake up, watch out. In those times, I would like to be hiding. 

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