Downtown Disney Date Night

The other night my hubby and I took the kids to Downtown Disney. Nolan had only been when he was pretty little and wouldn't remember anything. He is somehow addicted to Mickey Mouse now so he was super excited to go in the Disney stores and play with the legos and everything else that Downtown Disney has in store. We ate dinner at Wolfgang Puck express which was delicious and then had a second dinner at Paradiso 37. It's date night remember...so why not two dinners?

So why did we have a date night in the middle of the week with our kids until PAST MIDNIGHT? I think mostly because my hubby felt bad that he has been working so much lately (to be exact, he has only had three days off the entire month of January) and wanted to spend time with all of us. Even if that meant the kids being up the latest they have EVER been up. They were barely holding on by the time we left.

I can't wait until they get older so that  Disney World will be worth the huge ticket price. Nolan might just pass out from seeing a real Mickey Mouse. I'm not really sure how Nolan got so into Mickey Mouse, it started before I quit my job to stay home with them though so you can't blame all of it on me and him now having a TV to watch during the day. When we first had Nolan I quickly realized I couldn't stand Mickey Mouse anything or Winnie the Pooh anything. There's just something about it. I wouldn't even buy them diapers with Mickey Mouse or Pooh on it, which is a hard task because nearly all diapers have these characters on them. Since I'm now a stay at home mommy I have given up my fight against Mickey and Pooh because I now have more Mickey recorded on my DVR than my crime shows and Kardashian shows...which is just plain sad. Not to mention we have more Mickey stuffed animals, pillows, books, etc than I ever dreamed possible.

Damn you Mickey...slowly creeping into my life.

His first taste of a chocolate chip cookie. He cracks me up! 

He's very into utensils! 

Yep, that's my son bent over the lego table at the Lego store. 

Cirque de Soleil, love that show! 

Ready to go with his bag of loot! 

my boys...close to midnight...and exhausted! 

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