Paint Me Saturday

I was home with the kiddos and my hubby was working. The day before we went to Joann's to get some Christmas crafts that I could do with Nolan. I swear each time I do crafts with him I must forget how terrible the previous crafting experience was, I just keep putting myself through that. :) 

Before we crafted though Nolan had to make sure the entire house was clean. Actually, I made the mistake of cleaning when he was home/awake so of course that meant he HAD to clean. So I filled up his spray bottle and let him help me. When he has the spray bottle he forgets to wipe, so puddles tend to form in whatever area he is spraying or the carpet gets wet...because apparently you need to clean the carpet with a spray bottle? Here are the puddles that formed on my side table and my kitchen floor. Oh how I love my cleaning child. 

After the house was all clean and I wiped up the puddles that Nolan made it was crafting time. I was really excited, I've found a new love for all things craft and Dennis even bought me a Cricut (cuts images and lettering). Of course I haven't had time to learn how to use it yet but that's my goal this week. For crafting we painted ornaments which went really well at first. But as usual Nolan got a little out of hand with it. 

So far so good...


Oh. Not so great! 

I think he worked harder on painting himself than his star. 

Look at that concentration. (of course he did all of this naked)

Somehow even painted his legs. Looks like we threw in some sprinkles to the bath tub, nope just the paint peeling off of my child, and thank god it did. I didn't really "research" what the best paint is to use with children. 

Kaleb luckily doesn't craft, he ate blueberry and banana baby food during the whole fiasco. 

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