A Quiet Saturday

I have longed for a quiet Saturday. And why is it quiet? I'm not quite sure because I am home with both of the boys and the hubby is at work all day. But the boys have decided to go easy on me today. And I for one, love those "easy" days. Nolan is quietly breaking OLD candy canes that I had on our Christmas tree last year. He is breaking them into pieces and putting them in a baggy, then having me close the baggy, then he opens the baggy, pours them out on the floor, and breaks them into smaller pieces and the cycle continues. Kaleb is taking a nap. Woohoo! He woke up at 2:30am this morning and then again at 7am. He is finally getting teeth so I'm sure it has to do with the pain associated with that.

Okay I had to stop this post because a sleeping baby woke up and an unamed toddler pooped. There goes my quietness. :)

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