It's Snowing in Florida

Well not really, but..it does "snow" nightly in Celebration, FL. They set the town up really cute during the holidays, we went last year for the Christmas tree lighting and the nightly snowfall but Nolan was still too young to really get anything fun out of it. This year we went back and it was great!

Was the nearest parking spot nearly half a mile away from the town center?

Were there crowds everywhere?

Was there a Disney Radio concert happening at the same time (even more people than normal and teen music)? 

Was it insanely difficult to find a place to sit down?

Did Nolan have a great time?
YES! And that's all that matters! 

In Celebration it "snows" every hour starting at 6pm. It's great and it was cold that night too so it actually felt like we had a winter month. At first Nolan was extremely hesitant and pissed about this white stuff hitting him in the face and being on his feet. So he made me hold him in the beginning. We finally found a table outside right along the street where it snows and ordered some awesome food, I think we were there for three snowfalls. Greatness all around. This is definitely going to become a yearly tradition for our family! 

Yummy feet!

Nolan actually took this picture, and I LOVE it! Look at Kaleb pouting his lips, ahhh!

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