This morning the pediatrician came in with some good news finally, the labs that were drawn yesterday came back looking pretty positive. His abdominal sonogram was perfect as well, his kidneys and spleen look perfect. The numbers for his reb blood cells came back low again, the first test they were 7.4 and now they are 7.2...normally is 11-15. So he is still very anemic and on top of that his bone marrow is still not producing the red blood cells that he needs so that is an issue for Hematology, the one group that hasn't been working that well with us.

His doctors have gotten together and decided that GI needs to step back in to do the colonoscopy and endoscopy to see if there is bleeding in those areas that are being missed. The hematologist said they wouldn't do a blood transfusion until his GI track was looked at to make sure there isnt any bleeding there that needs to be fixed.

Then another GI doctor came in and said "wow, he's pale, we won't be doing the procedure until he has a blood transfusion". Grrrrr. First off, yes I know my child is white...I always thought that I just had a really white kid. :) Secondly, I guess he will be having a transfusion now but thats for the hematology dr and gi dr to figure out.

I'm tired of all of the back and forth. I think that happens anywhere you go though when there are too many cooks in the kitchen...well you know.

Here's Dennis' morning status update, it explains in a little more detail than my stuff does.

Morning Update - Kaleb's doctor came in this morning to update us on the labs that they pulled yesterday. The white blood cells that were at 23 are down to 6. The inflamitory labs (i forget the name of the actual test) are down as well which is good. His kidney and liver labs came back normal. His electrolyte test came back normal. The anemia came back at 7.2 which on Sunday was at 7.4. The doctor... is not concerned with the drop. Kaleb had a couple fasting labs that were ran this morning that we will not get back until later today.

The doctors plan is to get with hematology to see what they are thinking. Yesterday they were supposed to do a blood smear test to look at Kaleb's red blood cells. The doctor wants to get at the root cause of why Kaleb is anemic and so I think that he will be presuring hematology to get some answers.


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