Antibiotic Ups and Hemoglobin Downs

It looks like the antibiotics are finally working their magic on that mysterious infection. He hasn't had a fever for a day and the swelling has gone down in his right leg. He is also more active, even with severe anemia.

The Hematologist came and finally spoke to us this morning. She is waiting on the blood transfussion until another round of labs can be done tomorrow to see if his bone marrow has started working more or not. If Kaleb's hemoglobin numbers still aren't higher then he will need the transfusion. More waiting until tomorrow's labs are completed and read...

The Infectious Disease doctor came in this morning and said that there was clearly a large infection somewhere and they need to find where it came from. He ordered abdomen sonogram, chest x-ray, and a virus workup. This should be fun.

Everyone seems pretty stumped. The GI doctors have backed off a little bit and said that if the other bazillion results are negative and we are all still confused then he will do a colonoscopy to make sure there is not more bleeding in the intestines than we think there is (we are pretty sure it's minor bleeding and wouldn't be causing the crazy blood loss.

{i never finished this blog and will continue with more recent updates in the next blog post}

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