Day 6 of APH

Today is somewhere around 6 days of being in the hospital. Yuck. Get me out of here. May have been a little better if they would bring me the damn recliner I keep asking for as I see them in the open rooms. BTW, I was totally pissed off tonight when I saw some newbie family next door request a recliner on their first night here and what do yah know, their nurse rolled it from the empty room right into their room. I almost tripped her as she walked in front of us (me and Tiffany in the family TV room). Damn newbies.

On to the important stuff....
The Blood Stuff
Kaleb was given a blood transfusion about 24 hours ago now to prep him for his procedure and anesthesia this morning. Anesthesia said they would not do the procedure if he was not given blood, which I was happy with because the pediatrician has been telling our Hematologist that he needs a transfusion and she has refused because he acts just fine. So I was happy for him to get blood and stop hearing the doctors talk about how white and see thru my child is. But when they brought the bag of blood in, different story. I can't explain it, I felt really weird that someone else's blood was going into my baby's body. I know it's really stupid but it was just weird for me. I think blood donors like my hubby are amazing, even more so now! The good news is that yesterday his hemoglobin was at 7.2 and today it was at 10.3 after the transfusion (normal is 11-15). Also, I no longer have a super white baby, or as someone recommended his nickname be "Kasper"...get it...like Casper the ghost but with a K because his name starts with a K. Haha.

The Cleansing
I opted out to stay over night with him in the hospital last night, not only because someone else's blood was going into my baby's body which we have already discussed but also because they started the cleansing process for him to have a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. Which in lamens terms means, poop, poop, and more poop all night long. Oh and on top of that his blood transfusion was set at around 5 hours to complete, so that meant he needed to be hooked up to his line for that entire time which simply meant he would NOT sleep in his jail crib. I don't do well with children sleeping on or near me, sorry if that offends you.

The Toddler
Since I opted out to stay at the hospital last night I went home with Nolan. And we went home at 1am. Yep. The latest the kid has ever stayed up. {gasp} This morning he woke up in a terrible mood, not much new there though. But he has a "boo boo" on his leg which is a boil that is coming to a head and I need to get him to a doctor to have them take a biopsy of it to make sure it isn't MRSA. Nolan has had a couple of these before which were NASTY but I never knew they could be MRSA until a friend talked to me about it. Great. One. More. Thing. It took us forever to get out the door and to the hospital but when we finally did I had a really happy mommy moment. The hospital has been having this book fair all week and I've been wanting to let him pick out his own books to spend some time with him and only him. So we finally got to do that today, yippee!

The Procedure
This morning Kaleb went into the OR for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy from his GI team. They biopsied some areas but overall everything was normal. They did find that he has something like pyloric stenosis which may need to be addressed with surgery. But they also had a minor concern for something very serious called Malrotation of the bowels. Very serious. So they ordered a swallow study to look for this. His study went well, he doesn't have malrotation but they did find that his stomach does not empty correctly into his small intestines. This is finally the answer we have been looking for regarding his reflux. It's not all reflux after all. We noticed the past two weeks his spitting up and throwing up food has been much much worse. Because the stomach isn't emptying properly his stomach continues to fill with food and then reflux begins. This will hopefully be addressed upon out patient followup with GI, different medicines etc. I'm so excited. When I read the symptoms of what he has it described him exactly, YAY!!!

The Discharge
We have been told we will probably get to go home tomorrow unless Hematology has any objections. But what can they say? The hematologist has not been coming to our room when she is supposed to during rounds, grrr. I'm hoping we can get discharged in the morning so then I have the rest of the day to clean up the house (which has become a DISASTER and dumping ground for all things in between hospital shifts, toys thrown everywhere, mail in different places, dishes in the sink, clothes thrown all over the place, is that enough?).

I should probably get to bed seeing as how the nurses will be waking us up at 5 am to give Kaleb his IV antibiotics, hopefully for the LAST TIME!

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