Aquatic Therapy and Playstion Issues

On a weekly basis we are running around Orlando taking my baby cakes (not to be confused with my toddler cakes) to therapies, appointments, tests, and fittings for orthotics. Kaleb is currently in physical therapy and occupation therapy once a week. He does pretty well during his occupational therapy (less work on his part) but cries normally throughout his physical therapy. We were excited when his physical therapist told us about a new therapy the hospital was going to be offering at the downtown YMCA, aquatic therapy. Kaleb started about three weeks ago and I couldn't wait because I know how much the water can help someone with muscle issues and if you know my baby like I do...he has muscle issues, he's hypotonic to be medically correct. Basically...he has very low muscle tone. I could tell from the first times I held him when he was born, he was more "floppy" than other babies...if that makes sense. He has almost no muscle tone in his right leg from that damn 6 month casting and very little in his left leg. His back and shoulders are even worse, his shoulder blades stick out and it's hard to pick him up...almost feels like he will fall out of your arms.

Anyways, I knew aquatic therapy would be the "answer" and help these issues AND I already knew that he loved water. My friend and I take him to the pool and he just sits in his little seat calmly and kicks away. He also loves bath time.

{Kaleb first getting in the pool, he's a lady killer}

Wow. Could I not have been more wrong? He hates aquatic therapy. To the point where he's not even getting any therapy because he gets so tensed up that his legs stick straight out and are hard to bend. There is no kicking. He did however bare weight on his legs today so I guess that's a plus since he isn't doing that out of the water. As soon as I hand him to his therapist, he SCREAMS and pouts his lower lip. It doesn't help that we are now in the indoor pool so everything echos in there. [Sorry senior citizens who try to do water aerobics next to us].

Kaleb is very attached to us so normally I understand when another person holds him and he starts freaking out but he has been in physical therapy since he was a month old and she does his aquatic therapy as well. Hmph. I'm sure it will get better but just a little frustrated with the constant crying during some of his therapies, you need this dear child!! For now he is my little turd but I love that little turd.

{the ONLY time he was not crying}

{kick baby kick....Kaleb you need to kick....KICK!!!}

Oh not to mention when I got home late from work my husband told me right away he was playing a game with his coworker in a few minutes and would be ignoring me. Yes, he actually said that. He is now in his man room with his HEADPHONES on and his MIC yelling cuss words and screaming at his opponents. I keep having to shush him because from what I understand we have two children sleeping, maybe that's just me though.  Just now, after getting a beer he puts his headphones back on and says, "this is what i need after a long day, some man time and killing people". Oh how he makes me laugh. For now he is my little turd #2 but I love that little turd. 

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