Birthday time!

I had such a great birthday weekend. My mom came in town to go shopping with me on Friday and she stayed the entire weekend. Loved it! Then last night Tiffany came over and we all had a big dinner and "coldstone" type dessert. Complete with bowls of things to add to the ice cream and Dennis mixing them in. It was great. Now Nolan and I are just wrecking the house (more him than me) and reading about organizing things (more me than him). 

Convo between me and Nolan a few minutes ago-- 
Nolan: where's dada?
Me: At work.
Nolan: where's mimi?
Me: At home.
Nolan: Where's Titney? (<--- yeah Nolan can't say Tiffany yet, sue him)
Me: At work. 

I'm sure the previous conversation is going to repeat several times today. Those are his three favorite people besides his mommy...of course.  

I'm in a very organizing kind of mood. I wish we had a container store, although that would probably end up being a terrible very bad thing. I'd love to organize the pantry, it really bothers me and it's oh so small. If only I could knock down the wall and extend it into my dining room. I'd rather have a smaller dining room and a larger pantry. 

Man Cave
We have now finished our "man cave". It looks very nice and doesn't have a man cave feel to it at all. We ordered a leather couch that pulls out into a bed. Dennis has a flat screen TV in here along with the computer and his gaming systems. We also can't forget the head phones that go with the gaming systems, one night a friend and I found Dennis hunched over in a chair with these huge things on yelling at people through them. Hee-larious. Well now at least he can do that in his stylish man cave and maybe won't look AS silly, nevermind...he will always look silly with those things on. 

I also have some news coming within the next few weeks. I'm not sure why I don't just talk about it now but I guess I figure there are so many people on facebook and blogger and maybe I want certain people to know before others? I'm not sure. It could also be that I won't believe it until it actually happens so I don't want to jinx anything? And NO, I am not pregnant. But I am oh so giddy and such a lucky girl. ;) 

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