Goodbye February

We have a large magnetic white board on our fridge, it's the only way we can stay organized...hell we aren't even that organized now but we are doing a lot better than we ever have! We decided once we started filling it in with February's appointments that we would take a picture at the end of each month, sort of as a way to remember all of the places we've been. It also makes me feel proud, almost like an accomplishment that we have made it through an entire month and everyone is still alive and the house hasn't burned down.

Here's February....

Now that I'm back to work we have to get even more organized. PT and OT are now always on Thursday afternoons. Dennis will go to afternoon appointments and I will go to morning appointments (unless they are super important, like cardiology).

Speaking of, we have our cardiology appointment tomorrow. Supposedly this is when we find out if Kaleb will need surgery on his little 9 week old heart. They would close up his PDA (extra valve that should have closed right after birth), this condition causes a murmur to be present which doctors can hear. A couple of weeks ago one of K's specialists said he could hear the murmur...I wasn't really holding out hope that the PDA would close itself in two weeks. But, this week at another appointment a different doctor said he couldn't hear it. Now I'd like to get my hopes up that his PDA magically closed itself, but Kaleb was screaming at the top of his lungs during this exam and I don't care how educated you are,  I'm pretty sure it's hard to hear anything other than crying during one of those fits. Not to mention an emergency room doctor missed it over a month ago and clearly it was still there. Oh well, tomorrow the question of the day will be... 


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I wanted to thank you for writing such a real blog, and your lasts posts have had me laughing. I know you discuss such serious material, but the way that you are dealing with it is to be admired. Your strength clearly shows, and I love your humor. Especially about the blood in the poo-your wording had me cracking up. So, thank you.


Awww, thank you so much for that comment! You just made my day :) I try to deal with all of the seriousness in the best way possible, and a little humor thrown in always helps!


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