Nolan's ENT and Kaleb's smiles

Nolan went to see his ENT doctor today with daddy. He's been going for follow ups since he had multiple ear infections last year and the doctor thought he found a cyst on his ear drum. Today we went in to see if the "cyst" was bigger, smaller, or even a cyst at all. It looks as though it is actually scarring from all of the ear infections and may have gotten a tiny bit smaller which is great! No decision was made as far as surgery or anything today and we will follow back up in 6 months. Phew! I've been really worried about his ears lately especially since almost daily he comes home with a pretty serious injury from falling in class. Last week he got a long, deep scratch on his tummy and apparently he was just standing outside looking at a bird and he fell into the fence. How do you fall if you aren't even moving? The doctor didn't seem too concerned, maybe he is just clumsy.

Kaleb is doing really well. Things are so much more calm and it looks like his special formula for his milk protein allergy has finally completely worked. He has been such a happy baby lately. He smiles so much and he actually smiles in reaction to the smallest fun things like talking to him, playing with his cheeks, ticking his tummy...it's great! Nolan didn't purposefully smile for MONTHS. Kaleb even laughs some when he laughs, too adorable! These smiles are just what I needed...they help remind me that he is a person beyond his special needs and he can do amazing things. He knows what is going on and is very smart. He is really feisty and knows how to get what he wants.  He makes everything just perfect when he flashes you a smile!

Kaleb has OT and PT tomorrow...lets hope he gets through them alright. Last week he did really well with PT but terribly with OT and was actually not able to finish out his OT session because he was so upset. Hopefully tomorrow is a lot more smooth and everything can get done that needs to be done!

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Just read through a bit of your blog and wanted to let you know that I "get" in my own way your frustration with doctors. My Samuel was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the ER doctors at the Childrens Hospital kept dismissing it until the labs came back. And the GI Docs looked at me like I was crazy until they realized that I was right.

Hang in there.

Oh yeah, one more thing, my Elijah hasd torticollis and we did the therapy...he's now 3.5 and is doing great.


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