The Santa Fight

This morning we got up, had breakfast together (I love when hubby doesn't go to work on the weekends so we can all have breakfast), and got ready to go to the mall to hang out with SANTA! Last year was insanity so I was fully prepared for the longest line I'd ever seen, but thankfully I was completely wrong. There were about two or three families in front of us so we only waited at most 15 minutes, lovely! As I predicted, Nolan doesn't quite like Santa yet. I mean who would, an old man with lots of weird hairs on his face and then uppity men jumping around you with cameras and flashing toys. If there was a book on how to cause a temper tantrum, this situation would definitely be in the top ten, for sure. Nolan screamed, cried, reached for us...it was terrible! The men with the cameras and toys told Dennis to sit next to Santa and try to hide so he wasn't in the shot, thank god this somewhat calmed Nolan down, enough for a couple decent pictures, until Santa peered around at Nolan and he realized he was still on that old man's lap...tantrum number two. It was really not that bad but slightly annoyed that their printer was broken up so they put all of the photos (all 30 of the screaming and 2 of the non screaming shots) on a cd and told us to print our own photos, WHERE? Do I look like I have time or energy to sit in a camera store to have them printed? ESPECIALLY, since I just stayed up until 1am fighting with snapfish.com so I could get nearly 400 prints for $10.00 only to find out that they jacked up their shipping so my total was only slightly less than if I had just ordered the photos without the code. Obviously, this is a very testy subject for me and I am clearly still pissed off about it. So no Santa...I don't want to spend more time figuring out how to get these photos printed for the cheapest price, UGH! [/end rant]

I was really excited to start getting Christmas all set up in the house this weekend, Denny even got cds of something like 150 children's xmas songs (could be slightly annoying though). Well we just found out Dennis basically has step throat, so I'm sure he'll be in bed all weekend. Either he's working or he's sick. Or Nolan is sick. What about the 34 week pregnant lady who has constant Braxton Hicks contractions and so much swelling that her feet could float? She's responsible for the laundry and all the other mommy tasks, womp womp. Well maybe I can get some of the Xmas things out myself and do some of the decorating (Denny hates when I try to do anything (laundry, cleaning, etc) because he's scared to death Kaleb's just going to fall right out of me...actually I'm not sure what he's scared of but that's about the only thing I can think of). At least I have next weekend to look forward to, we are planning to go to Celebration for the Christmas tree lighting and SNOW event!!! I swear, if either of my boys even TRY to get sick or cough or sneeze...I'm going without them! Me and Kaleb will party in the snow.

Speaking of Braxton Hicks, whoever said they are completely painless was an idiot. Sorry if you said that during your pregnancy, but you are an idiot as well (still love ya though). Mine are not painless and no they are not the "real deal" because they are all over the place. At times one will come on and I will lose my breath and have to stop in my tracks. I've gotten them while going up the stairs a few times, that's the worst. You can't sit down, you can't move, you can barely freaking breath...and you're worried you're going to fall down the damn stairs. I'm pretty sure that during some of these BH's my skin is going to tear open and that's just going to be how I'm going to birth Kaleb.

One more thing....one of the blogs I read often mentioned that Christmas is only 37 days or something away. Which that was written a couple of days ago so that brings the grand total days until Christmas to be around 35 days. I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously? 35 days? Kaleb will be born no later than two days after Xmas, so as of today I have officially 37 days or less until I meet Kaleb. That's definitely exciting but as I've mentioned a bazillion times in the past, I'm scared. Off my rocker scared. I never though I would actually want to be pregnant longer, but here I am...hoping my doctor will forget to meet us at the hospital on December 27th and I'll just have to stay pregnant another month or even longer. We finally did order all the furniture and bedding for his room and his room is almost completely painted, so that makes me feel a bit more ready. We've got the cradle put together, now just need to find mattress and bedding for that as well. Wow...so little time until Kaleb makes his debut!! Love you baby K!!!!

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Still thinking of you! I can't believe how close January is!

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