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I still need to update about our recent appointments this past week, but I'm tired of focusing on that part of my life and constantly thinking about it. Especially when it is out of my control. This week has been really stressful with our work and we haven't seen each other much this week. I just wanted to focus on some happier things for now...

Nolan...oh my dear Nolan. He is pretty amazing. He is doing pretty well lately, STILL no walking. I'm 6 months pregnant and it's getting pretty difficult to carry a 23 something pound child all around, not to mention bending over to pick him up is a nightmare. The teachers at daycare recognize that and lift him up for me. :) Nolan has recently learned to climb into our cabinets (we made three just for him with plastic items and cups that he can play with). So for a majority of play time he can be found in those cabinets or under the TV playing with the Wii box. Nolan is also extremely great at cleaning. I think a little too great for a 13 month old. I mean really, whose kid cleans? NOLAN! Nolan will get wipes, paper towels, tissues, or cleaning rags and clean the floors, walls, furniture, couch, ottomans, ANYTHING is game. He also sorts out his cleaning paraphrenalia and this becomes rather tedious as he will put one rag to the side and then decide to use it and bring it back then he moves his rags all around. I'm starting to get concerned. Sometimes he gets so caught up in the "sorting of the rags" that he will forget to clean. And now he just stacked all of our tupperware inside of each other and put them back into the cabinets. This is genius! Of course he may be on meds soon for OCD, but at least our house may be a little cleaner? Oh and I know what you're thinking, maybe this is a learned behavior. And if you ask Dennis he very well might tell you how much he cleans around the house and Nolan must have learned from him. I'm sorry, putting toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet without using the brush and not even flushing (which Dennis actually does) is not considered cleaning in my book. So please don't let Dennis fool you. Yes, we vacuum daily (which Nolan also loves to do with his toy vacuum) but we don't clean often, we don't even have time to finish loads and loads of laundry.

Oh and Nolan has this off centered smile that just melts my heart. He got his chin from me which is even more prominent when he has a really big smile. He still only has six teeth (I don't even know what is "normal" at this age) but those six teeth are just beautiful. I love you Nolan!

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michelle k

Okay, I don't what makes me laugh more... the sorting of the rags or Dennis's toilet cleaning. Hilarious!


Garrett is a cleaner too. He loves vacuuming, and now will get the kitchen towel and wipes down his toys as well as the table and chairs in the playroom. And during his baths he takes his rag and wipes the sides of the tub/walls.

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