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Things have been so great! I am loving how much more calm things are since Nolan is getting older. I miss the tiny toes and fingers but I finally feel like I know what I'm doing...and no matter what anyone says, that brings a sense of calm over everyone. I remember when Nolan was only maybe 6 weeks old I was so frustrated because I didn't know what his cries meant. I know people always say a mother always knows what the different cries mean. No one ever tells you that it takes several months though. If someone would have just told me that from the get-go I would have been in a much better place!

We have been doing so many things, Nolan is getting more mobile and active and I LOVE IT! He hasn't crawled yet but he can scoot around and stretch to get things. We started feeding him small bits on actual human food. He's tried the Gerber puffs and then we cut up some blueberries into REALLY small pieces. I must say, Nolan doesn't have a true want to grow up. He will put anything and everything in his mouth that isn't human food but when he picks up actual food he just stares at it and then drops it. We have some bananas to try, I'm hoping that will show him that human food is GREAT!

We are going to Maine in a couple of weeks. That is...if I don't have a mental break down/anxiety attack the size of Texas before then. I'm extremely stressed over this visit to Maine. I developed a fear of flying a few years ago. Most people would say that 9/11 gave them a fear of flying or a traumatic personal experience. Nope. Not me! I've always LOVED flying. Now...I'm sure it's the last time I'll see anyone alive and I'm scared to death for my son and me now. Not to mention the extra stress of bag fees, taking baby stuff, having a 9 month old sit on our lap (yeah right...I don't see that happening), buying all new things once we get there, the airplane losing our luggage, my big baby items being damaged in the cargo area, lay overs, and the list goes on. I'll just go ahead and apologize to Dennis now because I am being the most difficult person about this trip, but seriously...my sanity is on the line here.

The only other big thing going on is the fact that I'm going back to school to get my masters this Fall. I can't wait! I was offered a great deal (free and only one day a week) from the main college in Central Florida and I can't turn it down. I'm going to be insanely busy for the next three years of my life but I am so happy to be able to further my education and open up entirely new possibilities for employment. Yay!!

Finally...Nolan's newest friend was born Sunday night, Alexander Benjamin! One of my closest friends here just had her baby boy and soon they will be moving closer to our neighborhood and the boys may even go to school together one day. :) Okay...I may be getting ahead of myself but I'm all about Nolan being happy yah know. We went to the hospital last night to see baby Alex and I really don't remember Nolan EVER being that small. Even though Nolan did weigh less and wasn't as long I'm sure he was never that tiny. My how the time flies... :( The hospital made Nolan stay out in the waiting room because of the damn Swine Flu (STILL?) but they got to see each other through the window.

Nolan and Alex

Here's some more pictures that I need to get up....

We LOVE bath time <3 


Yogi always joins in on the bath time and even sometimes puts his worm in the bath tub, maybe his toy needs to be washed? 

Nolan and his "wubby" 


good ol' thumb

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