Memory Foam for your booty

Deluxe Memory Foam Ottoman $35

Overstock currently has the Deluxe Memory Foam Cube Ottoman, which retails for $47.99, for $34.99. It is available in seven colors and is well reviewed with 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 600 reviews. Shipping is $2.95 and there is no tax (except UT).

This is completely OT but I was reading my goodle reader this morning and found on bradsdeals that there is a sale on Deluxe Memory Foam Ottomans. No I don't need this but it got me thinking...who needs memory foam for their butt? We use something similar at my moms house when there are a lot of people over as a seat. Why do I need this ottoman to remember my butt impression? And even if most people use it for something else like a foot rest, portable tray holder, or whatever...why will they need the ottoman to have memory foam? I bet if they just make it a normal ottoman without the damn memory foam it will be a lot less expensive than almost $50 when it's not on sale. Just a thought...

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