Hiiiiii Dada

I recently blogged about Nolan saying "hhhiiiii". Well this past week Nolan started saying Da-da. If you ask me what Nolan's first word was I would say "da-da", even though "hhhiiiii" came well before da-da. But I was sure that babies are supposed to say da-da first and clearly when Nolan has said hhhiiii in the past I was just hearing things. Well yesterday we thought Nolan said, "hhhhiiiii da-da". I was sure that wasn't correct so I shrugged it off. This morning Dennis went and woke Nolan up.....
Dennis: Hiiiii Nolan.
Nolan: Hiiiii Da-da.
And then Nolan said it again later on in the morning after he ate. I've got to say....I gave birth to a genius.

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