Papaw and Grandma J

So this past week Dennis' dad and step mom came to visit. It was so much fun, activities during the day, family dinners, many firsts for Nolan, and nightly Olympics! Well...it's not like I'm a huge Olympic person, especially for winter games, but it wasn't hard to get into them! My main purpose for watching was to get some laughs from people falling, rolling down a mountain, hitting a flag, or landing their ass on the cold ice! Yeah I know. I suck.

Monday: I had to work, booo! Dennis and his parents took Nolan to the beach, his first time ever! They also stopped at a birding trail and saw a couple 6 ft alligators.

Tuesday: I was off, hooray! We went to Sarasota to see Karen's family there and then stopped off at my dad's on the way home. Way too much food was consumed today.

Wednesday: BLUE SPRINGS!!! Dennis and I fell in love with this spring last year but we went during the summer so there were no manatees. Dennis' main goal in life was to see manatees. During one of the colder days this winter we found out they had 300 that day and Dennis was bummed because we were going to go that day but he ended up going in to work instead. When we got there the sign said "Manatee count today: 112". Dennis was instantly giddy like a school girl. Lots of manatees, another first for Nolan.

Thursday: I went back to work and the family left in the morning. Bummer!

Now it's Friday, I'm home with a sick baby. I blame the beach on Monday. It was especially cold that day, I'm sure of it. Besides...it couldn't have been any of the days that I was present. I wouldn't let my son get a COLD! Or it might have something to do with the fact that I may be a TAD jealous of the individuals who were able to go to the beach on Monday. Regardless...my son's cold is their fault!

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