My pants...on the floor.

It's happened. My house is in complete chaos. I work so much I feel like I haven't seen my son in days and when I do he has gained about 20lbs and looks like an older gentleman. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I have stuff thrown A L L over my house and that is NOT an exaggeration. I have dishes upstairs where there does not seem to be a dishwasher. I have dirty clothes downstairs where there does not seem to be a washing machine. My dryer has "ghetto-ed" out on me and I now have to move the button in all different directions to even get clothes dry. Things have been so insane this past week...I actually came home from working all night last night (as in over night) that when I came home at 10 am to change out of my jeans from the night and into my work pants so that I could go to court. I was in such a rush I found a pair of my work pants on the floor, crumpled up. Yep, it happened. I put them on, wore them to work, and then wore them to court.

I haven't been on the computer in weeks so here is my monthly update. Who knows when I'll be back. Maybe when I return I will be able to report that I now have a dish washer upstairs and a clothes washer downstairs.

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