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Ever since Nolan went to the ER a week ago (did I blog that? I meant to...) he has had terrible sleep issues. We were at the ER from 1am to 7:30am which clearly Nolan is normally asleep at those times. Nolan was awake the entire time so of course when we got home he basically slept the entire day, was up for a couple of hours and then went back to sleep for the entire night. Well....now it's not going so well. My little sleep monster has always slept really well for us and as of lately goes to sleep around 9pm and wakes up around 7:30 every morning, eats a bottle, and then goes back to sleep for about two hours. Last night Dennis put Nolan to bed somewhere around 8-9pm and around 10pm the dog (the annoying, smelly, rude basset hound) barked and Nolan woke up.  This might not be entirely weird to most people but the sleep monster can sleep through anything, garage door opening, doorbell, dogs barking, tvs, creaking of the floors, a jet taking off from his room...you know the normal sounds in a house. It's weird that he was woken up by a bark. So he woke up and Dennis tells me Nolan absolutely freaked out and was completely inconsolable. [no I wasn't home because my work hates me]. Dennis finally got him back to sleep and I come home around 11pm and come upstairs for bed around midnight...I was as quiet as a mouse. Nolan starts whining. Nolan goes back to bed. Ten minutes later, Nolan whines and then softly cries. Five minutes later...all hell breaks loose. No really it wasn't that bad but he did start actively crying. He cried for about five minutes and then went back to sleep. Clearly...this isn't that bad but I think Dennis and I are in for trouble soon. I feel like Nolan will begin waking up through the night at any moment. Dennis and I will pay for having a kid that sleeps through the night at 6 weeks. I'm positively sure of it. Karma?

On a side note...Nolan is getting better. No fever. Terrible cough. Congestion. Oh and he doesn't eat that much so clearly that worries me. Oh...lets not forget about the throwing up. Over the weekend Nolan threw up through his mouth and nose without even moving, at the same time. He just looked around like what is this stuff coming out of me and why is it shoot across me. Why am I wet? We were at Target at the time and Dennis was off doing something else so of course I freaked out and quickly got Nolan out of the car seat (all 20 buckles you have to go through to get to the kid!) and by that time his nose and mouth had shut down shop for the day. They definitely left a a little gift on Nolan's clothes, car seat, blanket, and of course myself!

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I know I commented on FB--but seriously, the moon throws EVERYTHING off--I wouldn't panic about the sleep yet. Tons of moms I know notice sleep issues when there is a full moon--and then they go back to normal.

Poor baby Nolan--Greta goes through spells where she doesn't eat as much as normal. And I Really notice that when she has a cold, her appetite is much lighter (I think from swallowing snot--makes her belly feel gross I think).

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