I'm terrible at comparing children to children. I do it almost daily. I talk to the daycare about what Nolan's "friends" can do compared to him. And normally my conclusion is that Nolan is behind. Nolan has been behind since he was born. He was born a month early so it's understandable. And obviously I do have a college degree in child development and you think that would deter my comparisons, but it doesn't. I know that all children develop at different rates. I'm tired of hearing that from people that I should stop worrying and every child does things differently. I KNOW! But do you think that makes me feel better? NO! I just read a blog of someone from my mommies group and their child is about three weeks older than Nolan. Yes that is a lot of time for Nolan to get better at his milestones this month but her kid is basically doing back flips around the house and it's annoying. This damn kid has two teeth, gerber puffs (with excellent chewing ability), and is crawling like a maniac! This child's parents are upset that she is not yet fully standing up yet. And to top it all off...SHE DANCES!

That's it! When Nolan wakes up from his nap we are shopping for dentures (how about my kid has an entire set of teeth, neiner) and Nolan will be eating a steak for dinner tonight. Chew! Chew! Chew!

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Greta is over 15 months old and doesn't walk yet. She didn't crawl until she was almost 11 mos (I think???).
I think as time goes on, it is easier to blow things off and not let the milestones bother you. Plus, Nolan is just a super content baby! He is in no hurry!!!!

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