6 Month Birthday

Dear Bean,
I just wanted to write you a quick note. A year ago today you were just a little heart beat moving on a sonogram. You were so tiny we couldn't even hear your heart beat. That was the day that you became my bean, so cute and tiny...ready to grow at any moment! It's so hard to believe that you are now 6 months old and becoming active. It's a far cry from the "blob" days and mommy cuddling with you all day while we watched old re-runs of Home Improvement. I met you six months ago today and I haven't taken my eyes off of you since. I am so in love with you. The night you were born you had to be sent to the intermediate nursery to make sure you didn't get infections from mommy having no fluid left. I called the nursery every two to three hours to check on your test results that were done every three hours to see if you responded better than the last test. I called throughout the night. In the morning hours I was so fed up with not having you with me and not being able to hold you yet I called the nursery even more often and just kept asking when you were going to pass the test to get out of that place! I couldn't come visit you and I didn't want you to feel alone. I made daddy come see you often just so you could have someone with you. I now wake up in the morning and get so excited to see you and just be with you. I will never take you for granted and I love you dearly.

Love always,

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