And the Worst Mother of the Year goes to....

Seriously though...I'm terrible. Over this past weekend (well at least I think it was the weekend I'm so upset about it I've blocked it out of my memory) Dennis was in the computer room with Nolan in his rocker. I came in to do something and saw something that appeared to be blood on Nolan's rocker. It was darker than I thought it should be so Dennis said maybe it was makeup. Nolan had clothes on that day and the day before that covers his feet. I couldn't make sense of it...all of my makeup was accounted for and why would it be on the part of the rocker where Nolan's feet touch. 

It still baffled me but I didn't let it bother me. I think it was the next day I was changing Nolan into a non-foot covering outfit that I noticed his right pinkie toe was red, swollen, and there was a round puncture type wound on the top of it. ohmygoodness. I cried. Oh boy did I cry. OF COURSE I CRIED! Here are some major points that went racing through my head...

*how do I sit at the computer (as I had the days this would have happened) 
and not see my child BLEEDING...RIGHT NEXT TO ME?
*how did I not notice my child's foot during changings and 
even bath time in those days before we solved the mystery. 
*where the hell did this come from???
*did my damn puppy do this???

Nolan's foot was red and swollen up until today and now it's no longer red or swollen, just the puncture thingy-ma-bob. Apparently Nolan is going to live...I can't say the same for my puppy though. :) 

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