This is Love

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of love.

~Maureen Hawkins

Even though bubby had a 2:30am wake up scheduled for me this morning I didn't let it get me down...lets see if that holds true for the rest of the day. ;) Oh wait...are you confused? I'm sorry, let me back up. Yes, I did indeed say 2:30am wakeup. Due to Dennis also having a temper tantrum of his own due to the circumstances I got to enjoy the wake up call from my lovely. You know...once I'm up it's easy to be up that early because I couldn't imagine spending that time with anyone else other than my bubby...and really who cares about or even needs sleep? Clearly not mommies! Luckily Nolan went back to sleep so I got a little more sleep...and then of course we over slept. Apparently we no longer use our 6 or 7 alarm clocks and phones as alarms anymore. We base our wakeup on when bubby wakes up...which is not such a great idea when bubby sleeps in, which is normally the case. We don't intend to use him as an alarm but apparently we mange to turn off all of the alarms or ignore them...and I'm really not kidding...there's 6 or 7 of them.

I've been realizing I could really use a few moments to myself this week. Just a few...that's all I ask. I need to get out the lawn mower because I haven't plucked my eyebrows in WEEKS...yes...WEEKS! I swear they were tolerable when I put on my brow makeup but for some reason when I woke up this morning they are looking all crazy and have taken a new shape on. Wow...it's that bad people. Then there is also the fact that my nail polish has been peeling for WEEKS and now my fingernails look like I just have small pieces of dirt (gray nail polish) on each of my fingernails. My toes...I don't really care much about them because they spend most of their time in their shoes. But they could also use a little pick me up. We'll I'm going to have to run away for a few hours tonight because we are going to Tampa this weekend to see my family and my uncle will be out of town from Alaska whom I have not seen for several years.

One of the most obvious results of having a baby 
around the house is to turn two good people into 
complete idiots who probably wouldn't have been 
much worse than mere imbeciles without it. ~ Georges Courtiline

Have a great day everyone!
--the very tired but completely in love mommy--

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