Not enough time!

What happens when you are home with baby and you are getting ready to go somewhere so you need to put on makeup and get dressed (both of which I have not done since Monday)? Your baby refuses to allow you to put makeup on. I don't know if it just kills him to hang out around makeup or if he just wants people starring at mommy at the store. Whichever it is, it is RUDE! It's not like he doesn't have a million toys around him, one of which is singing to him. Baby is getting so upset he is rocking himself in his chair. If baby loves to be rocked and that is basically the only way to calm baby then why does baby not calm himself when he rocks himself? So many questions to ponder today...but since my time has run out to get dressed/put makeup on/and catch up on my google reader then I guess this will be short today.


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