New Bloggy Name and the Snot Bandit

Well I went ahead and changed the name of my blog. I decided that I was no longer trying to survive the end of my pregnancy and becoming a new mommy. Well...the last part is still true but I am definitely not pregnant anymore... hallelujah. I think the new name fits, what do you think?

Tomorrow Nolan is going back to daycare, boo hoo! He is finally feeling mostly better with a little congestion still hanging around but no fever. This is the first time Nolan has been sick and I never realized why parents "cleaned" their children's noses with their bare hands until a friend asked me if I do it. I of course told my friend that I definitely do not do that and felt almost offended that she even asked. Until...I got home that night and noticed Nolan had a little snot running out of his nose and for some odd reason I took my finger to his nose and rubbed his snot off. Did I just do that? Do all parents do that? What was I thinking? Those thoughts lasted until the next time I saw a booger or snot under my bean's nose and did it again. Wow, I'm a repeat offender! Oh well, it is what it is and I don't really care if I am the only person on this planet that does that. Of course, I would feel a tiny bit better if I knew others did that as well...anyone?

Well, today I had the day off for Veteran's Day.. I absolutely loved being home with my little bean and cuddling with him all day. He was pretty fussy but at least let me sleep until 11am. Then we were up for the day, unless I was cuddling him. Today was pretty uneventful but I love that about motherhood. I love being able to just lay in bed with Nolan cuddled up in my arms sleeping. It's nice to know that I can do that all day if I so please...it's very relaxing. It's also really comforting to know that when Nolan is upset I know what to do to make him instantly calm down...that's such an amazing part of motherhood. Nolan's secret code is laying his chest up against my chest, with his left arm under my arm pit, with me rocking violently on the bed/couch against pillows or cushions...it hurts the heck out of my arm and shoulder, but hey...it calms him and that is all that matters. I've tried to teach Dennis how to rock on the couch or the bed but I swear when he does it, it just looks like he is hitting himself against a hard wall. I secretly enjoy the fact that he can't "do it right" because that means I hold the key to comforting my bean... <3

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michelle k

It's been forever since I've checked your blog!! Poor baby, all sicky sick. (I secretly enjoy the cuddles though when they get older) I like the new blog name :) Oh and I totally know what you mean about relishing in the fact that you're the ONLY one that can do this or that with the babe. Right now we're in the stage where I'm pretty much the only one that can understand everything Missy says, even more so than Pete! Each stage will have its little things that only us mamas can do. I love it! Oh, and I totally wipe snot with my hand, then usu onto my jeans. Wow. I even caught myself licking my thumb and rubbing it on her cheek to get some dirt off real quick. I thought I'd NEVER do that.

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